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Executive Summary of InWara’s Monthly Report — August 2019


Blockchain and Crypto report August 2019

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As Bitcoin and the overall cryptocurrency market gradually enter enters the next bull-run phase, how are Token Offering projects doing? The beginning of H2 2019 has witnessed token offering projects pivot towards Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs), while STOs have virtually dropped off the map.

On that note, here are the key takeaways from the report -

  • During August 2019, the total funds raised Blockchain and Crypto startups stand at a cool $207 million but it has depreciated by as much as 26% when compared to the previous month.
Blockchain and Crypto Report August 2019


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  • A majority of the funds raised, as much as 52%, was the more conventional Venture Capital funding as opposed to Token Offerings.
  • Overall the number of Token Offering projects have depreciated by as much as 81% year-on-year, with just 69 token sales taking place this month.
  • The US continues to be a favorite destination for both startups and Investors. As much as 26% of the total funds raised was by US-based startups. The other major jurisdictions, by Funds Raised, includes South Korea, the UK, Nigeria, and Singapore.
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