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  • Inwara’s multi lingual team is a great resource that helps identify and track ICOs, especially given that a significant number of ICOs are from outside of North America.

    - Head of New Business Origination, Family office, Connecticut Zurich

  • Inwara has a one of the most responsive customer service. The responses are timely with the analysts answering questions about the ICOs in the database.

    - Head of Alternative Investments, Leading Hedge fund, London Connecticut

  • Inwara has a strong understanding of the gap in the market, their data covers investors, founders, and other key players - this information is not widely available.

    - Investment Manager, Key client portfolios, Zurich London

  • This data has helped cut down our screening and research efforts by 80%. I also use this data to generate meaningful analytics. It's well structured, clean and verifiable.

    - Management Consultant, Blockchain Practice, New York New York

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