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Aug 20, 2018

YTD: 1,728 ICOs

Monthly till date: 45 ICOs

Current Week: 8 ICOs


ICOs Opening This Week


Aleef CoinALEEF coin, a contemporary cryptocurrency that is based on Ethereum Blockchain which will be issued via channel partners and accessible 24*7 to everyone across the globe. Payment exchanges and investments are simplified with our digital asset. ALEEF Coin, unlike other virtual currencies, can amend noteworthy upgrades to payments and investment field with the help of blockchain technology.


Crowdsale open date: 19-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $54 million


RevainA new generation feedback platform, mostly based on the blockchain technology that doesn’t allow to change or delete reviews and its authors get a reward for creating it.


Crowdsale open date: 21-Aug-2018

Hard cap: 8,000 BTC


Little PhilPowered by blockchain technology, the little Phil platform is an entirely new way of giving that fixes trust issues with charities using a public ledger, smart contracts and unique digital identities (UDID) to provide givers with the Proof of Need and Proof of Impact required to re-establish trust in giving to charity. Little Phil uses blockchain technology and user experience (UX) designed around a positive psychology framework to allow people to have the oversight, control and emotional connection of a philanthropist, without giving large amounts.


Crowdsale open date: 22-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $18.54 million


PapushaThe world’s first rocket and space technology to produce fuel by using fuel oil residues from refineries offered by Anatoly Papusha, the Academician of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences who developed the Buran program Papusha Rocket ICO - is the latest technology to destroy oil refineries residues around the world. Instead of destroying flora and fauna, refineries get gasoline and diesel fuel for selling. PRT ICO produces small-capacity oil refining units to process black oil fuel and produce liquid fuel by using the transonic combustion technology.


Crowdsale open date: 22-Aug-2018

Hard cap: 13,500 ETH


EventRabbtEventRabbt is a decentralized event payment system, listing, and live stream platform, to increase user engagement and simplify ticketing and marketing processes. The payment system is based on smart contract technology powered by the ethereum blockchain. Events happened all around the world! Millions of people across the world are hindered by attending due to location barriers and a high cost of travelling. For those who can afford its quite a big deal when it comes to expensive currency conversion.


Crowdsale open date: 22-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $16.5 million


Vanig: Vanig is the world’s first integrated E-Commerce platform and Supply Chain ecosystem powered by the blockchain. Vanig Patent Pending solution addresses several significant Supply Chain and E-Commerce challenges and inefficiencies, providing a higher level of brand experience. Our Supply Chain ecosystem leverages the latest in blockchain technology through HyperLedger’s Sawtooth Lake technology.


Crowdsale open date: 22-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $13 million


AlluxeAlluxe is a blockchain-based luxury platform intended for a convenient and transparent interaction of companies and customers in the luxe segment through crypto currencies and modern technologies. This is an innovative solution for the crypto-elite, wealthy people demanding to the level of comfort, quality of service and confidentiality. ALLUXE helps you plan a trip or a business trip, rent a premium car, yacht or luxury real estate and make expensive purchases anywhere in the world.


Crowdsale open date: 23-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $16.5 million


Sudan Gold CoinSudan Gold Coin is a unique ICO Project in the modern crypto world! SGC Project allows You investing Your crypto-resources into the production and acquisition of a precious physical asset – GOLD while multiplying your money and making it liquid in both digital and physical worlds! Your invested crypto-resources are used to establish the Gold-Mining Plant in Sudan on the land, granted to SGC Project by the Concession Agreement with Sudanese Government.


Crowdsale open date: 24-Aug-2018

Hard cap: $28 million

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