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IBM expanding cryptocurrencies' business applications
Apr 12, 2018

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IBM's new head of blockchain development, Jesse Lund, has revealed to CoinDesk that the $140 billion computer giant is expanding the business applications of cryptocurrencies in a number of ways and exploring how cryptocurrencies can help save them money and generate revenue.

So far, IBM's work with cryptocurrencies has been largely confined to the Stellar network and its native lumen cryptocurrency, which it has used largely in cross-border payments trials. Lund said that by using the same technology that is allowing an increasing number of startups to raise capital on the Stellar platform, IBM is now exploring a wide range of other tokens. Going forward, IBM is open to working with any number of blockchains and IBM's work with cryptocurrencies even further converges on its work with permissioned blockchains. In this way, Lund expects to see further business opportunties between public and private blockchains continue to develop.

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