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Star dust, Coinsuper, Parity Technologies and 2 other companies raised funds in private rounds in the last week from investors West World, Ningbo angel investments, Unbound, Ethereum Foundation and more.
Jan 14, 2019

Private Funding Activity Last Week


- Yizhe Technology raised $0.3 million in a Seed round from investor Bihuex.


- ExChain raised $0.3 million in a Funding round from investors Ningbo Angel Investment Guidance Fund and NEO Global Capital.


- Stardust raised $0.35 million in a Seed round from investor MouseBelt.


- Parity Technologies raised $5 million in a Grant round from investor Ethereum Foundation.


- Coinsuper raised an undisclosed amount in a Series-A round from investors West World, Unbound, Sky9 Capital and Fin Venture Capital.


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