Merges With

As of March 2022, has joined forces with Inwara. is an organization that aims to provide services to allow individuals and organizations to survey land and record deets onto the Bitshare blockchain.

By joining hands with Inwara, now focuses on educating users about blockchain and cryptocurrency in general.

With this merger, only the domain has been merged with Inwara. So that our team can focus on making a popular brand by putting in our efforts and time.

What is Bitland.World

Bitland is an organization that did focus on helping individuals and organizations to survey land and records its deed into the blockchain.

It was launched as a pilot project which worked out of Kumasi, Ghana. The team behind Bitland wanted to expand their reach into the African continent, but that didn’t work out.

The main goal of the company was to build infrastructure in developing countries to potentially unlock billions of dollars in untapped property rights.

What Happens Next?

Before the acquisition of domain, the company focused on recording property records on a blockchain. However, with this merger, both of the company now looking ahead to educate users about crypto and blockchain.

The main focus of both companies would be to create educational content that lives around Cryptocurrency exchanges, crypto wallets, crypto news, and blockchain reports.

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