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Zilliqa Passes ‘Milestone’ 6 Months After Initially Planned Date


Zilliqa recently announced its launch of smart contract functionality on its blockchain with a tweet and a blog post.

This essentially means that the project has developed the tech they envisioned two years ago and are now open for business.


Developers on the Zilliqa main net will now be able to build and deploy smart contracts directly on the Blockchain using the project’s very own smart contract language, Scilla.


This release, though commendable, is almost half a year late, according to Zilliqa’s old roadmap which was updated in August 2018.


Oldwe roadmap taken from InWara’s market intelligence platform below:

zilliqa roadmap


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The Singapore-based startup’s platform tries to solve the common hurdle that all blockchains face today, scalability. It plans to do so through sharding, which is a technique used to boost efficiency and tx count. However, this tech hasn’t yet proved its viability in larger networks.


In its initial whitepaper, Zilliqa expected to process a 1000 times higher transaction rate than that of Ethereum, considering a network of 30,000 miners.


Zilliqa has been hard at work developing and achieving major milestones ever since it’s roadmap update. It launched its mainnet and enabled transactions earlier this year.


Zilliqa’s token passed the unicorn mark ($1 billion market cap) last May and stands at a valuation of $2 billion at the time of writing.


According to InWara’s data, Zilliqa stood at an ROI of 901% in the month of May 2018 compared to the highest price during its pre-sale. Currently, it stands at a 29% ROI, which is more than a fair majority of ICOs that launched during its time.


Zilliqa has also been backed by popular investors such as FBG Capital, NEO Global Capital (NGC), and 8 Decimal Capital according to data taken from InWara’s market intelligence platform.

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