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Walmart to use VeChain’s blockchain in Supply Chain Tracking


Walmart China plans to build a food supply chain traceability strategy using VeChain’s Thor blockchain, reveals a blog post by VeChain press which was released yesterday.

As per the blog, the Walmart China Blockchain Traceability Platform (WCBTP) will be a joint venture between Walmart China, VeChain, PricewaterhouseCooper (PwC), a cattle company Inner Mongolia Kerchin, and the China Chain-Store & Franchise Association (CCFA). WCBTP was announced at the 2019 China Products Safety Publicity Week Traceability System Construction Seminar jointly organized by Walmart China and the CCFA that was conducted in Beijing. 


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Walmart China has reportedly already tested 23 product lines with the system and launched on the platform. The platform is expected to scale by another 100 products by the end of 2019 and cover over 10 categories of food including fresh meat product, rice, mushrooms, cooking oil, etc.

In a boost to blockchain adoption, Walmart China said, “VeChain’s blockchain technology will enable us to implement a traceability strategy for products and pioneer large-scale applications of blockchain traceability. By scanning desired products, customers can access detailed information, including the source of the scanned products and geographic location received by Walmart China, logistics process, product inspection report, and many more data points.”


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Walmart can categorize itself as an early adopter of distributed ledger technology (DLT). As early as October 2016, Walmart began working with IBM on a blockchain-based system that could identify and flag recalled foods. Since then, Walmart has been a part of several DLT-related patents and trials — e.g., meat tracking in China and delivery drones.
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