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Upcoming ICOs: Zeux & 8 others are launching token sales

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ICOs Opening This Week

 Upcoming ICOs: Zeux & 8 others are launching token sales


Pre-sale ICOs


Bytus: Bytus wants to revolutionize the payment system as it works today and blockchain enables us to do that. Point of Sale transactions are always delayed by fiat payments, crypto transactions will set this right. The feasibility and speed accelerate the business, merchants are highly flummoxed when faced with certain situations regarding payments. Rigid structures and jurisdictions only allow a number of traders to bypass the whirl created by voluminous trade. A great number of merchant would like to indulge themselves in innovative methods of payment, but none of the payment processes has succeeded in making the trade agile. Bytus app is embedded with inbuilt exchange and it is programmed to work fast which can fast-track the POS transactions.




Pre-sale open date: 05-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $5 million


Volum: VOLUM maximizes investment value and stability through its holding company structure. VOLUM invests in portfolio companies that currently possess, or have the ability to easily create long-term asset value. This offers VOLUM investors diversification across multiple companies and industries. This platform is completely revolutionary and gives companies greater organizational and oversight capabilities than they have ever had before. With the VOLUM blockchain platform, companies can Track, Route, Identify, and Source, all the data activity that happens on their supply chains. All of the data will be locked into the PLATFORM which can be trusted and verified at any point during operations.




Pre-sale open date: 11-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $74.6 million


The Great Coin: TGC TheGreatCoin is a name for crypto assets that are listed on the Blockchain Technology system. Company’s mission is to making TGC as a crypto asset valuable for store values that are backed up by tangible assets through tokenization process. TGC holders are TGC buyers, business partners who have carried out settlement the company which is capitalized, property owners who have made proper settlement tabulated, sponsors who buy TGC from the operational section, founder, partner or member m who were given the TGC section from the operational section or the party that was given the grant. The TGC Market making mechanism is also a differentiator that TGC does not intend to do a scam to investors.




Pre-sale open date: 07-May-2019


Crowdsale ICOs


Zeux: Zeux is a blockchain based financial ecosystem company, building the world's first crypto mobile payment app that uses the world’s first integrated crypto & fiat investment platform. By partnering with a long list of financial institutions in both the fiat and crypto worlds, we are merging these different financial services combining mobile payment, banking, and investment services into one application. The mission of Zeux is to transform existing financial services by making complex, expensive and burdensome financial management processes simple, convenient and affordable for the customer, thus making the best services accessible to everyone.




Crowdsale open date: 08-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $8 million


Artis Aes ltd: Artis Aes is the first portal that offers at the same time consulting, mediation and buying and selling services in the art world.  Artis Aes offers custom services for identifying investment opportunities in the art world, with the objective of guaranteeing the right price for the artworks to buyers and sellers. At the same time, Artis Aes offers news and services on the art world in order to stimulate awareness and interest and disseminate art in all its manifestations: painting, sculpture, graphic art, applied art, jewelry, photography, video art, design, antiques, etc.




Crowdsale open date: 09-May-2019


Blueshare (STO): Blueshare Security Tokens (BST) are the tokenized equity capital participation shares of INTERPROM Mining AG - a Swiss-based consolidated company which is among the first businesses in the world to offer its traditional equity capital participation shares on the Ethereum blockchain, offering capital appreciation and dividends, mobility, security, and liquidity to all stakeholders. Blueshare is a security token embodying a defined equity capital participation share of the future expected profits and assets of a portfolio of natural resources projects of a 23-years‘ old established company and within the Group.




Crowdsale open date: 06-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $142 million


Cryptune (STO): Cryptune LLC, is set to disrupt the Point of Sale Software & Hardware industry with a fully integrated cryptocurrency payment Universal Point of Sale System Inventory control, sales tracking, real-time reporting functionality, text message alerts, easy to use customer contact capabilities and so much more. Cryptune’s proprietary hardware and software POS system will also allow for the acceptance of over 1000 different cryptocurrencies, including the CPT Reward Token  via a strategic partnership with industry pioneer Coin payments bringing the POS market into the next wave of IoT and the web 3.0. By combining Point-of-Sale system experts with the transaction, network security and cryptocurrency experts, Cryptune is creating a state-of-the-art solution to retail and restaurant owners across the globe.




Crowdsale open date: 11-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $23 million


Imigize: Imigize Service Blockchain creates a new ecosystem in the online footwear and clothes market, based on customers’ verified anthropometric data, size fitting degree and personal comfort profile. These data are decentralized and protected by the blockchain technology, which gives a possibility to all participants of the ecosystem to independently manage their ownership rights of personal and commercial information.




Crowdsale open date: 05-May-2019

Total Hard Cap: $60 million


BitBounce: BitBounce allows the user to charge people they don't know a cryptocurrency fee to deliver an email to their inbox. For them, this means a curated inbox of 1) emails from people who they know and 2) emails they've been paid to receive. BitBounce creates inbox peace of mind. The purpose of credo, BitBounce, BitBounce Ads, CredoEx, and the Credo Blockchain is to establish a global market for email that solves the problems of spam and email access.




Crowdsale open date: 08-May-2019


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