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ICOs Opening This Week





Pre-sale ICOs



Rokkex(STO): Rokkex is a next-generation crypto exchange with a foundation of security and performance. Rokkex enables both the beginner and advanced trader to exchange crypto assets instantly with maximum safety. The platform has been developed with the best practices of UX in both desktop and mobile, which provides practical, experiential, affective, and meaningful ways to trade.




Pre-sale open date: 26-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $22 million



Neutro (IEO): The Neutro Protocol solves the trilemma of scalability, security, and decentralization, allows for anonymous transactions and eradicates the need for centralized oracles. Neutro users can create a decentralized version of almost any real-world market that exists now only in a centralized system that we all use currently. Scalability, Security, Decentralization Neutro uses sharding to increase network capacity along with a novel protocol that merges proof of work with validation tokens to ensure security and decentralization in an energy-efficient way.




Pre-sale open date: 31-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $4.7 million



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Devolve Developer (IEO): Devolve Developer is the first blockchain-based global real estate platform that will disrupt the real estate industry. Devolve Developer will reshape the real estate industry with the emergence of a new business model leveraging a decentralized technology that creates access, increases efficiencies and reduces costs. Empowering individuals around the world with a trusted and transparent technology, Devolve Developer will discard many of the conventional hindrances and create a fully interconnected global economy that is completely peer-to-peer contributing to improved worldwide capital flow.




Pre-sale open date: 28-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $36 million



Adrenaline (IEO): Adrenaline AI is an innovational fin-tech company with a core focus on building cryptocurrency trading AI robots. Our team is now working tirelessly to bring this technology to the public incorporated on the blockchain to ensure transparency and security for our members. Our bots are designed to be adaptable and adjust when market conditions change in a bull or bear market with proper risk management tools. Adrenaline AI is at the forefront of the latest technologies that bring artificial intelligence, day trading, and the blockchain together.




Presale open date: 29-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $21.7 million



ATECH (IEO): ATECH is created by professionals with a strong background in multiple blockchain-based projects, financial expertise, and global market intelligence. ATECH is going to bring the benefits of the P2P financial ecosystem to our customers. Making the technology conveniently available to everyone. We are inspired by a tremendous market opportunity that only occurs once in several generations. The value is huge, and the potential of crypto-based operations is really amazing for all parties involved – the tech industry, lenders, businesses, and individuals.




Pre-sale open date: 30-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $28 million



Allbebet (IEO): Allbebet is an infrastructure project in the sports and gaming industry. Designed to help achieve high results in sports using neural networks, machine learning algorithms, and blockchain. Allbebet development thrust is the creation of business models based on AI and blockchain technologies that unite millions of people from the sports, gaming and betting industry.




Pre-sale open date: 26-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $25 million



NairaX (IEO): NIRX (NairaX) is the first viable product from NIRX Block payment systems incorporated under RC2903759 in Nigeria. "NIRX" is a stable utility coin developed to power NIRX's currently developing crypto-payment processor which will be initially integrated across major eCommerce platforms in Nigeria, Africa and then the entire Globe; as a move towards general adoption of "NIRX" in the general eCommerce marketplace.




Pre-sale open date: 31-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $15 million



Medicohealth (IEO): MedicoHealth blockchain-based project is designed to improve the fragmented healthcare system, where we know we can make a significant difference for the better by tackling just one truly important issue. An average patient anywhere in the world has very limited options when in need of prompt, a fordable and reliable consultation about their condition from a physician or a specialist of their choosing. MedicoHealth platform allows for fully anonymous, safe and client communication with the world’s leading physicians. Physician credentials, together with license validity information are updated in an immutable decentralized database. Patient data is anonymously stored and accessed only by selected physicians for a limited amount of time. Payments are fully tokenized and anonymous. Token runs the system and compensates the service provider, platform, underlying protocol, and blockchain layer use. 




Pre-sale open date: 31-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $23.5 million



Crowdsale ICOs



Perlin (IEO): Perlin is a highly scalable, PoS smart contract platform that achieves a throughput of 31,000+ TPS and consistently has 0 to 4 second time to finality, all of which is made possible by Wavelet, a DAG-based probabilistic consensus mechanism. Perlin utilizes leaderless PoS protocol which does not use committees or delegation, thereby ensuring the security properties of bitcoin but speeds comparable to private chains. 




Crowdsale open date: 25-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $6.7 million



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KNL ecosystems (IEO): KNL – is a platform that unites and considers the needs of farmers, traders, investors, exporters. We provide each participant with the opportunities and instruments that make up a whole chain of efficient processes for maintaining the operational activities of the agricultural industry KNL tokenization platform is the digitization of grain assets, real estate, and property. KNL provides not only financing, crop storage based on its own elevators, but also fully solves any logistics issues. KNL will include infrastructure that ensures a full cycle of logistics operations, in particular, the opportunity of loading crops into our transport right from the combine and its following transportation to the elevator, as well as crops delivery to the buyer from the elevator. The whole process will be highly digitalized, which will give the farmer an opportunity to control the transport and storage peculiarities of each unit of grain crops. An integral part of the project is surely the insurance of both the future harvest and already harvested crops.




Crowdsale open date: 27-Aug-2019

Total Hard Cap: $1.7 million



Ten Billion Coin (IEO): It is the blockchain coin for which we are onboarding Chinese companies into blockchain integration for their systems. The companies using our blockchain integration services are required to pay 20% of their fees via our coin.




Crowdsale open date: 28-Aug-2019


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