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3 pre-sale and 4 crowd sale ICOs coming up this week! 

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ICOs Opening This Week

Pre-sale ICOs


Fieldcoin: Fieldcoin is developing a platform using blockchain technology to connect landowners with crowdfunding investors while enabling fast and cheaper transfers of land properties to individuals and companies. Fieldcoin tokens contrast with other utility tokens in providing a Trade Back rate on the Fieldcoin platform stabilizing its price during bear markets. When holding Fieldcoin tokens, users will not only be able to buy, sell and manage real land properties in the form of non-fungible tokens, but also access full ownership and control over the production by tracing all the levels of inputs and outputs of chemicals applied to soil. This platform will be built for the people, empowering everyone on Earth with land ownership rights.


Presale open date: 4-Feb-2019

Presale Hard cap: $1 million


Orvium: Orvium creates a public, traceable, and trustworthy record of the research publication process. Through continuous and transparent review by members of the scientific community, with reputational and economic rewards for peer reviewers, Orvium improves the effectiveness of research production and validation, empowering the research community to determine the validity and soundness of published work. Eliminating current practices within the publishing industry regarding plagiarism, idea ownership, and registration, Orvium allows authors to retain control of their work and its potential economic benefits, publishing with optimal publication and access costs.


Presale open date: 4-Feb-2019

Presale Hard cap: $2 million


Viacash: Viacash is Decentralized payment gateway platform based blockchain technology network for the merchant, online shop, a website to aims monetize and make easier for without any bank account needed and privacy with accepting multi cryptocurrency. User can install/used plugin viacash on website for monetizing content, stuff, anything to customer/user or as donated plugin with integrated to a multi wallet. This available for the merchant, retail, website, blog on future. Viacash will develop payment system gateway based blockchain technology for the merchant, online shop, a website with secure and fast without bank or middleman for buy and sell any item online. Viacash comes with integration with merchants, an online store to accept payment using Viacash and other cryptocurrencies


Presale open date: 5-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $0.069 million


EasyGuide: EasyGuide is a decentralized tourist platform that allows travelers from different countries to find fellow travelers, join companies of like-minded persons, jointly creating tourist routes and safely sharing the costs of this organization. EasyGuide, based on reviews and ratings, will group people according to similar parameters and make up an individual proposal for each of them. The service will help independent tourists quickly and conveniently compose the ideal route with the right people. EasyGuide with the help of the technology blockchain will enable groups of tourists from all over the world to safely share the costs of traveling with other travelers and to select the necessary services in one place.


Presale open date: 6-Feb-2019

Presale Hard cap: $0.6 million


Crowdsale ICOs


Please: Please Protocol brings decentralization to the masses using xApp approach. The protocol allows service providers to publish their services on the Blockchain using smart contracts. The Please marketplace offers a fresh approach to book travels. Instead of spending hours browsing the internet to find a personalized trip, travelers can easily book, create and customize their trips across traditional, decentralized and sharing economies. Consumers are increasingly using their voice assistants at home and are looking for new ways to save time. Please’s bot is cross-platform and will guide travelers throughout their journey.


Crowdsale open date: 4-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $19.5 million


Xconyz: Xconyz Exchange enables Individuals to set their own fee when exchanging their Crypto assets. This will be based on a recurring annual allowance from the time of first registration, with further loyalty bonuses being awarded based on periodic exchange activity volume. This is a ground-breaking incentive in the Crypto world and will disrupt the way business is done for Cryptocurrency exchanges in the future. Users of the Xconyz Exchange will also have the ability to transfer from one’s Individual wallet, or even the Xconyz saw - to another Individual’s bank account as fiat.


Crowdsale open date: 5-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $26.5 million


BtcEX: The Cryptocurrency 3.0 Exchange service for everyone. BtcEX is a licensed cryptocurrency trading platform that enables easy access to a secure exchange offering high liquidity, multiple trading strategies, and unique token (BXC) utility that cannot be found on any other exchange. The mission is to build an inclusive ecosystem consisting of cryptocurrency transactions, leveraged trading, ICO listings, and P2P lending. BtcEX has also prioritize prompt customer service and feedback.


Crowdsale open date: 8-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $5 million

Po8: PO8 is a blockchain ecosystem making marine archaeology and treasure hunting more inclusive and decentralized. For the first time ever, people from around the world can participate in treasure hunting expeditions through the tokenization of search and recovery efforts. And, through our decentralized applications (DApps), PO8 provides secure, transparent and cost effective blockchain solutions for registering, authenticating, and transferring high valued assets.


Crowdsale open date: 8-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $50 million


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