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Uncloak and 3 others are available for crowd-sale while Faireum is conducting its pre-sale

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Faireum: Faireum is a public blockchain with a set of protocols, which focuses on the gambling industry and provides a decentralized, low cost, transparent, and secure betting and gambling experience. Faireum uses its own native currency and smart game contract to guarantee a superb and premium betting experience and services in lotteries, sports betting, casino games and other digital games to users. Faireum releases a smart client based on the set of protocols for the creation of a trustful, borderless, secure, and fast online gambling network that benefits all.



Pre-sale open date: 25-Mar-2019

Total Hard cap: $7.5 million


Crowdsale ICOs


Uncloak: Uncloak is an Artificial Intelligence (AI) based analytical tool for the intuitive, automated and seamless performance of security checks: giving users the ability to cut through the cyber jargon and understand, remediate and resolve cybersecurity issues. In the absence of innovative tools such as Uncloak, successfully evaluating a company’s computers and network infrastructure requires specialized, highly skilled labor, extensive setup time and significant costs. Uncloak seeks to make this level of cyber security available on a mass scale, at a lower cost and with simple end-user interaction.



Crowdsale open date: 27-Mar-2019

Total Hard cap: $7.5 million


Stattm Ltd: Stattm is the idea of building a better-decentralized cryptocurrency for instant, cheap & safe banking,and an everyday life marketplace for life's needs and requirements, a multi-purpose cryptocurrency, Stattm will have an ios & android mobile handy light wallet app and an offline wallet for security to solve all the digital payments, trading, investing and marketing problems. Stattm will be a multi brands products future marketplace also will be the right place of luxurious future services, Stattm owns Banqeum: the best ever created crypto exchange platform, with no platform fees. It is an open distributed network of validators which enforce users of all backgrounds to participate with Stattm. It uses the mechanism of a protocol token to create a proof-of-stake blockchain to enable enforcement of market activity amongst participants.



Crowdsale open date: 28-Mar-2019

Total Hard cap: $15 million


BlockSafe Technologies: BlockSafe Technologies is the only US-based company that secures the blockchain ecosystem from all angles: wallets, exchanges, and private blockchains. Using its expansive suite of cybersecurity solutions, BlockSafe Technologies introduces stability into an otherwise turbulent market by protecting the blockchain ecosystem at its most vulnerable points: user authentication and interaction. Similarly, BlockSafe Technologies has developed proprietary methods of defending permissioned blockchains via transaction authentication, policy enforcement, DDoS mitigation, load balancing, and content filtering.



Crowdsale open date: 25-Mar-2019

Total Hard cap: $27 million


Bit Agro: AGROCOIN is an international project aimed at the creation of a P2P platform where people and companies can directly credit each other without intermediaries. AGROCOIN is a crypto coin that will become the means and guarantor of payment between users. This is a token that will become a tool for the agro-industrial market, and with the help of which users of the agro-exchange platform will be able to conduct their transactions on the purchase and sale of goods in the agricultural sector. Token AGROCOIN supports smart contract technology and was created to develop trust and positive reputation of a credit platform on the Ethereum ecosystem. AGROCOIN aims to conduct the fastest, most transparent and secure transactions.



Crowdsale open date: 25-Mar-2019

Total Hard cap: $72 million


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