Executive Summary of InWara’s monthly report- April 2019

blockchain and crypto landscape report

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InWara’s monthly report is a comprehensive study of significant market trends on a shorter time frame. This helps understand the immediate market dynamics and contributing factors.

Here are the key takeaways-

  • ICO landscape: ICO numbers are in free fall having declined by 84% YOY.

# of ICOs by country

blockchain and crypto landscape: Monthly Report
  • STO landscape: As many as 15 STOs were launched this month.
  • M&A activity:  Four M&A deals took place during April while this is a relatively small number, some of these deals could play a critical role in the future of blockchain.
  • Private funding: It seems like Investors are swaying away from American and European startups as a majority of venture funding was received by blockchain-crypto startups in Asian countries.


You can download the entire report here


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