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Our security token offering database (STO database) is the most comprehensive list of security tokens out there. InWara sources top security tokens via both primary and secondary research. This STO database provides investors with transparent, easy to use data covering funding terms and SEC compliance agreements, fundraising, timelines, roadmap events and more.

Post listing of a Security Token (STO), you can track the token performance using InWara’s market intelligence tool.

Key Features and Benefits

300+ STO List
(Security Token Offerings)

Live tracking and updates
of upcoming STOs

180+ data points
per STO

Interactive stats
and charts

SEC filing updates
(Form D, SAFT)

Quick and advanced
search functionality

“InWara has the most comprehensive database of STOs in the marketplace. Analyst responsiveness is outstanding and clarity of data offered is unparalleled.”

- Partner, Leading Hedge Fund, USA

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