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Happy clients use our crypto price API for

ICO Research

Drive market intelligence for the purposes of product development using our cryptocurrencies websocket

Institutional Trading (OTC)

Tool that optimises block trading among exchanges


With in-depth order book data, identify inter-exchange arbitrage opportunities in real time using the best cryptocurrency exchange api


Creation of a simple front-end using our cryptocurrency websocket api, allows for portfolio strategy testing

Day Trading
Day Trading

Front-end aggregated dashboard that includes Bitcoin price API for prices across exchange

Technical trading analysis
Technical trading analysis

An attribution tool that breaks out the different costs trading (market impact, transaction costs etc)

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Our API service is best suited for

Crypto funds & Hedge funds

Use our historical cryptocurrency market data for your backtesting needs, and live market data api to conduct live trades and proactive portfolio tracking

Crypto Websites

Integrate our data into your application or website with simple-to-use SDK, available in your favourite programming languages

Day Traders

Get accurate exchange rates, calculated by averaging the volume weighted price traded over 20+ markets

OTC brokers

Comprehensive, accurate and real-time knowledge of all markets makes it easier to fulfill your OTC trades

With our API, you get

6+ years
Historical data
Assets at your fingertips
Cryptocurrency exchanges integrated

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