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InWara’s ICO database provides quantitative and qualitative data on more than 3000+ ICOs. Our suite of exciting products are designed to fulfill all your ICO investment data requirements in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible.

Our ICO database is designed with the end-user in mind, and constantly improved by customer feedback. InWara's ICO database keeps you well informed about the latest trends in the cryptocurrency and blockchain space and saves you valuable time. Access our most trusted ICO database remotely with an online subscription, and download to PDF and Excel for reporting and qualitative analysis on ICOs.

Our premium product range is also available by data feed, and is supported by our team of in- house research analysts, who are available to fulfil requests for additional data or analysis.

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Real stories on companies behind ICOs: their competitors, funding, roadmaps and management.

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Key Features and Benefits

  • Most exhaustive source of ICO data and analysis, 3,000+ and growing
  • Independently verified and researched company and 20,000+ management profiles
  • 4000+ Private companies using Blockchain without raising money through an ICO
  • Directory of Companies and advisors offering solutions towards launching token sale
  • Verified Company Contact details
  • Expert commentary on the market, technology, and the overall business
  • Highlights on Investment case and Business risk
  • Library of 2,000 + company specific publications
  • Interactive stats and charts
  • Support for bespoke customer requests
  • Quick and advanced search functionality
  • Exhaustive Roadmap event timelines
  • Industry categorization
  • Company and competitor mapping

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