PrimeXBT’s 100,000$ Contest Module Launch For All Types of Traders

PrimeXBT is one of the famous exchanges available out there.

The platform lets you trade in different asset types, such as cryptocurrency, forex, stock indices, and commodities. Also, it gives you the opportunity to trade in more than 80 asset pairings.

In addition to that, it offers you a bunch of cool features that make trading fun and easy. For instance, it lets you maximize your profits with leverage. Along with that, it has low trading fees compared to most of its competitors.

Grand Trading Competition with a prize pool of $100,000

To make trading even more fun, PrimeXBT is introducing a contest module.

With this PrimeXBT plans to run several contests throughout the year where you can trade using virtual funds, and score a higher position on the leaderboard.

PrimeXBT also promises to reward the participants with a great reward who gets the highest ROI during each trading completion.

Among such competitions, Grand Trading Competition is the latest one. It has a whopping prize pool of $100,000. This amount will be shared with the top ten best-performing traders.

The first trader will get a reward of $50,000 to their PrimeXBT margin account immediately after the contest is over.

Similarly, the second and third position holders will get $20,000 and $10,000, respectively. Also, the other 7 winners will get a prize fund of anywhere between $500 to $7,000, depending on their performance and rankings.


What makes PrimeXBT’s Grand Trading Competition even more fun?

You can enter into the trading competition without paying any entry fee. Also, all the trades will be risk-free, and you have to use virtual funds.

PrimeXBT will offer you a real-time trading environment by mimicking the market data. As a result, you will get a true competition feeling.

Your only job would be to join the contest and beat other participants by showing your best ROI or return of investment performance.

Also, PrimeXBT will allow you to trade in a wide range of markets. Such as crypto, oil, metals, and stock indices. So you have the option to trade in a market that you are familiar with.


Closer Look At  PrimeXBT’s Contest Module

As I have mentioned that PrimeXBT did launch a contest module. As a result, you will find fun trading competitions that you can participate in.

You can join PrimeXBT’s competitions by going to the Contests section of its website. After that, you will find a bunch of contests.

PrimeXBT runs different contests on a weekly and monthly basis. So you will always find something new to participate in.

Before you join any of the competitions, you can click on the view tab under a contest name. This will give you additional details of the contests. Like what would be the prize pool, the minimum number of trades you have to execute, the minimum turnover that you have to touch, and more.

Also, you would find a leader board where you can see how other traders are performing. And to reach the top, you need to execute a good number of trades. Along with that, make the highest number of profit.

On the sidebar, there is also a My Contest tab. Over here, you will find the competitions you have participated in.

How Can Anyone Join The Contest? [Step by Step]

Joining a contest is a pretty straightforward job. First of all, make sure that you have a PrimeXBT account. If you don’t, then do create one. It is a pretty easy process.

Once you have your PrimeXBT account, follow these steps:

Step 1: At first, log in to your PrimeXBT account.

Step 2: From the top menu, click on the ‘Contests section’.

Step 3: Over here, you would get to see all the live contests. Do click on the view button of each contest to see its details.

Step 4: Once you have decided which contest you wish to participate in, click on the Join button.

Step 5: Enter your nickname and check the “I confirm that I have read and agree to the Contests rules” option.

Step 6: Go to the My Contests tab, and over here, you will see the contest you have joined. Click on the start button to start trading.

Benefits Of PrimeXBT’s Content Module

  • By joining PrimeXBT’s contest module, you will stand a chance to win great rewards.
  • All the contests are free to join, as there is no entry fee.
  • You will get virtual funds at the moment of joining a contest.
  • PrimeXBT allows you to join multiple contests at the same time.
  • You will get leverage on your contest trading funds.
  • You will get to earn real money when you play & learn with virtual money.


Closing Words

Overall, PrimeXBT’s contest module is a really cool thing.

It lets you earn great rewards by trading in a virtual trading environment. So go ahead and check it out and see how your trading experience goes with the PrimeXBT’s Grand Trading Competition with a prize pool of $100,000.



Jack Bailey

I am John, a veteran trader turned into a trading coach. Especially in the realm of cryptocurrency derivatives which is now booming and expected to grow big.