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Pledgecamp and 3 others will be available for crowd sale and EcoStart is conducting its pre-sale


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Monthly till date: 28 ICOs

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Pre-sale ICOs


EcoStart: EcoStart is a global multi-functional platform for business support in green tones using blockchain technology. It has its own cryptocurrency platform with a cryptocurrency exchange that will allow users and investors to buy, sell and store digital assets in the global ecosystem. The core of the platform is the TECO cryptocurrency, which is generated using the Proof-of-Importance algorithm. It is a marketplace where all the participants of the ecological community are united: environmental projects, investors (socially responsible business) and volunteers. It is a fundraising platform for raising money for environmental projects, including through the release of its own tokens by environmental projects (a token generator and smart constructor designer).



Pre-sale open date: 18-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $11.3 million


Crowdsale ICOs


Pledgecamp: Pledgecamp is a next-generation crowdfunding platform that incorporates blockchain technology for security and accountability. Backers gain a decentralized escrow mechanism which protects their funds. Creators receive wide-ranging project support and lower platform fees. Platform Users can earn token rewards as they help the platform succeed. The Pledgecamp team has previously raised millions of dollars on Kickstarter and have become among the top 1% most-funded crowdfunding experts on the platform.



Crowdsale open date: 18-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $20 million


MediConnect: MediConnect is a safety net for patients, prescribers, pharmacies and drug manufacturers. Our vision is to become the gold standard blockchain solution approved by the Pharmacy and Medicine regulators for the prevention of obtaining multiple prescriptions from online and offline pharmacies. In addition, through the MediConnect blockchain solution, the identification of counterfeit and recalled drugs and their distribution can be prevented. Protecting patients and the industry whilst ensuring potentially huge cost savings for the Pharma world.



Crowdsale open date: 20-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $31.5 million


Fidelity House: Fidelity House is a content aggregation platform that combines crowdsourcing journalism and social media oriented information. It is a Social Content Network that changes the way people make information, making it more simple, multimedia, social and fair. The registered user is welcomed by the Community which is the real engine of FidelityHouse, where it can meet people with the same interests, follow the worthiest authors or contribute by posting interesting contents for other users. All original contents published are remunerated in relation to visits received, in FI ponts, FidelityHouse’s virtual currency.



Crowdsale open date: 21-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $18.65 million


Trade NexiTrade Nexi is a total eCommerce project focused on creating commercially viable on-chain – off-chain linked solutions. The company is not just creating Dapps that would be useful in the eCommerce sphere, they are also linking up existing and new blockchain based trade-centered products. Trade Nexi is cutting down the cost of selling and buying online. When a user pays for a product on an eStore, they are paying for the technology used in putting that product online. Online stores have to charge significant fees which adds up to the costs of vendors using these traditional online trading stores, while the buyer has to pay more for purchases because of the fees. Trade Nexi is changing this.



Crowdsale open date: 22-Feb-2019

Total Hard cap: $13.9 million


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