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 A brief summary of private funding data in February

This article is the executive summary of InWara’s Monthly Private Funding Report-February-2019

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Private investments pick up the pace

Funds raised through private investments spiked during February 2019, observing an 18% increase when compared to the previous month and amounting to a total of $248 million.

Private funding data, month-wise ($MM)


It is interesting to note that funds raised through private investments have remained relatively constant across the entire blockchain and crypto space, except for the months of October and December.

But this unprecedented surge during these two months is because of a handful of companies raising inordinate sums. For example, during the month of October, a whopping $300 million or approximately 60% of the funds raised were by a single company, Coinbase.

American companies attracted the lion’s share of investments

A whopping 97% of the private investments, in the blockchain and crypto space were in American companies, this is a positive development considering the fact that funds raised through ICO sales in the U.S. have been tapering.

Private funding data, country-wise


This is a startling development as the US crypto market slumped after the SEC classified ICOs as an ‘unregulated security’. But this trend can be explained by how investors and entrepreneurs alike are shifting away from public token offerings and instead is swaying towards regulatory compliant security token offerings.

FinTech leads the pack

Among the numerous industries to attract private investments, FinTech sector leads the pack by attracting as much as $66 million in Private Investments and accounted for as much as 26% of the funds raised this month.

Private funding data, sector-wise ($MM)


‘Data analytics’ and ‘Information Technology’ are two surprise sectors which managed to attract impressive sums of private investments. On top of this, traditionally investors favorite sectors like Financial Services and Trading & Investing slumped this month in terms of private funding.


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Funding stage Breakdown

When breaking down the data for the number of various funding stages investors participated in, it becomes conclusive that many investors are keen on funding startups at their early stages. Seed funding accounted for as much as 44% of all the private funding round during the month of February.

Funds raised ($MM) Vs funding rounds


But while breaking the data for funds raised for each funding round, another trend can be noticed. Seed funding rounds only managed to raised $18 million, despite it being popular among investors But series A/B rounds managed to attract a majority of the capital raised. Indicating that investors are more willing to pledge top-dollar to startups that have demonstrated a robust product-market fit and are seeking investment to fuel their growth, rather than betting on startups which often only have a concept and maybe a prototype.


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Monthly private funding report: February 2019

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