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MIL Coin explained — What to expect of Einsteinium hardfork.

MIL coin

Founded in 2017, Canada-based Blockchain startup Einsteinium aims to harness the power of a globally connected community to support worthy scientific projects that could advance human civilization. The company has an important milestone event coming that could literally change the future of the company — the introduction of a new token, MIL coin. according to InWara’s Market Intelligence platform.

MIL Coin explained

Einsteinium recently announced a hardfork on its main EMC2 network, the target EMC2 block is 2402717. A hardfork is defined as a permanent divergence from the previous version of the Blockchain, so what’s the major change here? The introduction of a second coin — MIL coin.

MIL coin is a fork of Einsteinium is a disproportionate ratio of 1:3, which essentially means for every one (1) EMC2, three (3) MIL will be issued. Einsteinium has clearly specified, in its blue paper, that the max token supply will not exceed 2.7 Billion. But this doesn’t mean that the supply of EMC2 will change instead, Einsteinium has assured the development and maintenance of both EMC2 and MIL coin. 

But how was EMC2 coin performed so far?

Mil coin

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The price of EMC2 has consistently shown an upward trend since the beginning of 2019 reaching a trading volume of $45 million and a spot price of $0.12 in June 2019. 

So why create a new coin when EMC2 is already performing so well? Einsteinium gives an explanation. 

Since it was founded in 2014, Einsteinium has gone through a change in leadership. The original founders of the company abandoned their project in mid-2014 and the company remained dormant for several months. Until in 2016, when the current leadership took over. Functioning without leadership for 2.5 years has left some severe damage to the project that the current management is trying to rectify but considering the current market dynamics, the company’s leadership felt the best way forward was to create MIL coin as a complimentary chain to EMC2. 

Going forward, Einsteneinium aims to create an automated AI-powered platform on top of its current infrastructure that will be able to enable a fully trustless allocation of funds. Although a long way from achieving Einsteinium believes it knows the precise way forward.

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