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Initial Exchange Offering


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Initial Exchange Offerings or IEOs- are taking the crypto space by storm right now with an ever-growing number of IEO launchpads, the latest to join the bandwagon? The infamous cryptocurrency Bitfinex with the announcement of its new platform Tokinex (source). In addition to this investors also seem to be eagerly waiting for IEO projects with some token sales concluding in just minutes.

So what’s the deal with IEOs? Do they live up to the hype or are they just repackaged ICOs? In our report we dive into the major market trends, funds raised and a few comparisons with ICO space.

Here are the key takeaways-

  • IEOs have raised a whopping $1.672 billion so far, a staggering amount considering the nascency of the space.
  • Asian countries are leading the IEO race with stiff competition from Europe and the US.
  • The most popular IEO platform, judging by the number of IEO projects, isn’t Binance as one would expect but London-based LATOKEN. With as many as 21 IEO projects being launched so far.

Top five IEO platforms by # of IEO launched 

Initial Exchange Offering report


You can download the entire report here.

Download full report


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