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June 24, 2018
YTD: 788 ICOs
Monthly till date: 81 ICOs
Current Week: 8 ICOs
ICOs Opening This Week

TIM Foundation: The TIM foundation aims to strengthen communities across the globe using technological advancement and innovation. The primary focus of the Foundation is to create scalable, secure, regulatory compliant and low-cost solutions for finance, banking, logistics, e-commerce industries using blockchain technology.

Crowdsale open: 24-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $19 million

Thinkcoin: TradeConnect (Thinkcoin) is a multi-asset blockchain-based exchange that will allow investors to trade a wide range of financial products such as cryptocurrencies, equities, FX, commodities.

Crowdsale open: 25-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $30 million

BCot Global Holdings: BCOT Global Holdings aims at solving the biggest problem of security threats and the key hurdles posed for enterprise IoT adoption. It aims to delineate the obstacles that have prevented organizations from using the Bitcoin network for secure IoT device communication.

Crowdsale open: 27-Jun-2018; Hard cap: N/A (Company has a Hidden Cap)

Aimedis: Aimedis is a Netherlands-based company providing an innovative next-generation healthcare solution designed to connect patients to healthcare services and providers like doctors, hospitals and scientific research facilities.

Crowdsale open: 27-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $36 million

Holdvest: Holdvest is an all-in-one platform that provides a user-friendly gateway to the cryptocurrency markets, enabling anyone to access blockchain investment opportunities with a minimum of difficulty and without requiring extensive experience of specialist crypto exchanges.

Crowdsale open: 27-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $5 million

Airpod: AirPod offers users a convenient and affordable way to maximize and enjoy their time spent in these airport terminals and eventually other locations such as transit hubs, shopping areas, and offices.

Crowdsale open: 27-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $20 million

Bethereum: Bethereum is a blockchain-based platform designed to address the shortcomings of traditional betting and bring a host of innovative features. Starting with sports, players and group of friends bet against each other on match results instead of playing against odds designated by bookmakers. Whatever the outcome of the bet, the money stays within these groups instead of going into a bookie’s pocket.

Crowdsale open: 28-Jun-2018; Hard cap: 25,000 ETH

Safe Haven Tech Pte Ltd: Safe Haven is a platform built on the VeChainThor Blockchain that provides solutions for digital inheritance and continuity by working in unison with their patented Trust Alliance Network (TAN) to provide additional legal services to cryptoasset owners.

Crowdsale open: 30-Jun-2018; Hard cap: $11.16 million