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ThinkCoin Teams Up with 0Chain To Support High-Frequency Trading
May 9, 2018

ThinkCoin, the native token of blockchain-based trading exchange ‎TradeConnect, ‎has partnered with California-based 0Chain to help scale ‎their platform’s ‎capabilities using 0chain’s decentralized cloud solutions.‎ 0Chain helps crypto-linked projects create their own chain specific to their needs and ‎optimize their ‎performance. Thus it allows TradeConnect network to process ‎a high load of ‎transactions fast by using both private and public blockchain ‎processing.‎‎

The Silicon Valley startup was in the news earlier this year after it managed to raise ‎a hard cap of $39 million without even launching its ICO. Unlike traditional cloud subscription ‎services, 0Chain enables DApps to move their off-chain code and data onto their ‎decentralized compute and storage platform.‎

The news of the virtual exchange, which has not been reported before, came after Goldman Sachs went public with its intention to open a Bitcoin trading unit — most likely the first of its kind at a Wall Street bank.

Source: Finance Magnates(