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Orbs raised $15.4 millions in venture round funding last week. Over $27 million raised in private funding activity last week. Active investors include TRG, Akuna Capital, 8VC and more.
Dec 17, 2018

Private Funding Activity Last Week


- Pexapark raised $3.96 million in a Series-A round.


- NuID raised $2.5 million in a Seed round from investors Jemison Investment Company, and 8VC.


- Orbs raised $15.4 million in a Venture round from investor Kakao Investment.


- Bvaluate raised $0.29 million in an Angel round from investors Prometheus Blockchain Application Union, Innoangel Fund, and C&I Capital.


- BlockFi Lending raised $4 million in a Convertible Note round from investors Susquehanna Government Products, Morgan Creek Capital Management, Galaxy Ventures, Devonshire Investors, and Akuna Capital.


- Alphaslot raised >$1 million in a Seed round from investors The Spartan Group, TRG, Sora Ventures, Shinobi Capital, Primitive Ventures, and Credito Capital.


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