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Dadi cloud platform commences complete restructuring, to focus on network services

Dadi cloud platform

UK-based Internet Services platform Dadi has commenced a major system upgrade to its decentralized platform that includes a refocus from Web services to core network services, according to an official blog post.

According to InWara’s Market Intelligence Platform, Dadi has raised $29 million in funding to date, through an Initial Coin Offering (ICO) it launched in January 2018.

Dadi system upgrade — what to expect?

One of the major changes to Dadi’s platform will be the redirection of its resources and effort to core network-level services as opposed to Web Services in general. Dadi’s primary offering — The Edge network, is a decentralized, peer-to-peer network that shares very similar ideals with edge computing (a decentralized computing paradigm). 

The five key network-level services that Dadi’s latest platform will provide include — Scalable computer service, Edge Storage, Edge Caching, Bandwidth, and One-click app deployment. Dadi has made it clear that these are the paid services provided by its platform and hence these are the core services that will build value for node owners.

On top of the ideological refocusing, there are fundamental structural changes being executed to Dadi’s platform which includes the introduction of new concepts like regionality, per device session management, and Edge DNS.

The newly introduced DNS layers in the Edge network will enable support of all major record types on top of providing features such as geo-routing and weighting.

Since its listing in 2018, the price of Dadi’s native token was substantially depreciated but one reason for this is because of the onset of the ‘crypto winter’

Dadi cloud platform

Source: InWara’s Market Intelligence Platform

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What’s noticeable in Dadi’s price chart is that following its ICO listing the price of Dadi’s native coin crashed almost immediately or what’s called a ‘dump’ amongst traders. And except for the case of a brief pump, the price of Dadi’s native token has not recovered and has depreciated to nearly 1/8th of its ICO listing price.

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