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 Crypto Research Report: H1 2019 deciphering token offerings!



InWara's Crypto Research Report noted that post a subdued second half of 2018 for the Blockchain and Crypto market, 2019 has sparked a revival because of  a new blockchain-based investment vehicle dubbed IEOs, clearer jurisdictional clarifications on digital assets, and the entry of established enterprises like Facebook and JPMorgan which have been assumed by many as a proxy for adoption.

The largest digital currency by market capitalization, Bitcoin, bounced more than 400% of its trading price in late December climbing from ~$3000 to $13900 in just a matter of months, claiming the title of the best performing asset in 2019


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Some Key Takeaways from InWara’s Crypto Research Report:

Token sales continue to be popular in the US with 66 token offerings during H1 2019, closely followed by Singapore, UK, China, and Estonia.

The number of IEO projects have zoomed up, while the number of ICOs have sharply declined - very much in line with InWara’s May report & InWara’s research on IEOs. The project that stole the limelight (or notoriety) during H1 2019 was Bitfinex’s IEO (LEO) raising a whopping $1 billion from Private placements.

STOs, the supposed messiah for the space and the harbinger of adoption in traditional finance outlets, have grown at a modest 16%.

Building ecosystems of existence continues to be the theme of the space with the sector of choice for Blockchain startups being Trading & Investing while there remains interest in speculative industries like Gambling!


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LAToken continue to lead the pack in terms of number IEOs launched with 30 offerings in H1 2019. Probit comes in second with 18 IEOs. With significant questions around some of the projects launched, before investing in IEOs, please DYOR.

Venture Funding in the Blockchain and Crypto space has declined by 46% YoY to $2.26 billion. With new blockchain funds springing into existence every month, this represents an anachronism. With returns on investments under question, VCs are drawing up the purse strings.

Mergers and Acquisitions in the first half of 2019 witnessed a strong slowdown. A decrease of ~35% in the M&A space vs H1 2018 makes one wonder if the pullback is because assets are currently over-valued?

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In all, an extremely positive start to 2019, after the rude shock that was H2 2018. With over 100s of offerings to look forward to, H2 2019 promises a lot!

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