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Crypto portfolio: Andreessen Horowitz, Investing aggressively despite a Crypto Winter


Crypto portfolio


Andreessen Horowitz’s investment in cryptocurrency space


Andreessen Horowitz has been investing in blockchain and crypto space for more than five years and doesn’t seem like losing either hope or pace anytime soon. According to Chris, “We’ve been investing in crypto assets for 5+ years,” he wrote. “We’ve never sold any of those investments, and don’t plan to any time soon. We structured the a16z crypto fund to be able to hold investments for 10+ years.”


Chris Dixon, General Partner at Andreessen Horowitz was quoted saying, “We plan to invest consistently over time, regardless of market conditions. If there is another ‘crypto winter,’ we’ll keep investing aggressively.” Chris is a seasoned crypto-focused investor, backing projects like Coinbase and Polychain capital. Chris along with another general partner Kathryn Haun is leading a $300 million fund, launched in June 2018, focused entirely on Blockchain projects and network protocols. Chris indicated the ‘a16z’ crypto fund will distinctly take a long-term position in its investments.


Interestingly, Kathryn Haun is the firm’s first female general partner in its ten year history. Although this is Haun’s first formal position in venture capital, she’s had a fair share of experience with blockchain companies and digital tokens. Huan was formerly a part of the US government’s task force on cryptocurrencies and was leading investigations into the infamous hack of bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox. The exchange was handing over 70% of all bitcoin transactions worldwide. As a victim of the massive attack 740,000 bitcoins, worth over $3 billion at October 2017 prices, were lost. More recently she was a board member of the crypto-exchange Coinbase, which is also backed Andreessen Horowitz.


Andreessen Horowitz: The aggressive private VC in crypto space


Andreessen Horowitz is an American private venture capital firm founded almost a decade ago. The firm was founded by two entrepreneurs Marc Andreessen and Ben Horowitz and is headquartered in Menlo park, California. ‘a16z’ as the firm is also called, over the years has invested in various industries, creating a diverse portfolio of that spans industries such as digital entertainment, education and Enterprise information technology industries such as cybersecurity and cloud computing.


During the early stages (2006–2010), the firm was a prolific investor in early tech startup’s including Twitter. Fast forward a few years and Andreessen Horowitz was ranked number one VC firm by Investor Rank in 2011, and by the end of 2014 the firm was handling 4 funds worth a total of $4 billion.


The firm has grown substantially from a mere 3 employees a decade ago to over 135 employees currently.


Andreessen Horowitz was recently in the news when one of its investments — Coinbase acquired Blockspring. See more details on the acquisition on Inwara’s article.


Various funding rounds Andreessen Horowitz participated in, with number of rounds in each category

crypto portfolio, venture capital


According to Inwara’s database, Andreessen Horowitz participated in 12 seed fund rounds, closely followed by Venture capital rounds. This can be seen as a strategic move to be a part of early enterprises that hold the best potential for growth.


Key investments in Andreessen Horowitz’s (a16z) portfolio



Andreessen Horowitz has invested in Coinbase over three funding rounds, amounting to a total of $400 million, along with other leading VC firms like Tiger global management, Blockchain capital, Polychain capital among many others. The latest investment in Coinbase was a series E funding round with a round size of $300 million.


As mentioned earlier Coinbase was in the news recently for its acquisition of Blockspring. Blockspring specializes in helping users connect various business API’s to data visualization apps like google sheets or Excel. Coinbase has been a prolific acquirer, according to InWara database Coinbase has acquired total 11 companies so far, including high profile deals like that of for $100 million.



This Switzerland based blockchain company, aims to develop an ambitious ‘Blockchain Nervous System’ that essentially can protect users from attacks. 

Andreessen Horowitz invested in two venture capital rounds, amounting to a total of $163 million in round size. The latest round saw VC firms such as Amino, Polychain and Multicoin capital participating in it, with a round size of $102 million.



This Denmark based firm aims to create a decentralized stable coin that according to MakerDAO will mirror the value of USD. 
Andreessen Horowitz participated in two venture funding rounds amounting to a total of $27 million.The latest of which saw Andreessen Horowitz as the sole participant with a round size of $15 million.



This American company issued its own digital token by the same name. Filecoin is similar to how a Bitcoin works except that it requires nodes to prove they store a particular file or a proof-of-work function. 


Andreessen Horowitz participated its ICO, along with other VC firms such as Sequoia, Winklevoss and Blueyard capital, bought $52 million worth of tokens issued.



This American company is both an open payment network and digital currency (XRP). The company has very ambitious goals of connecting banks worldwide to facilitate cross-border transactions and payments systems. XRP token is listed second on Coinmarketcap, with a total market cap of over $13 Billion. 

Andreessen Horowitz participated in an angel round investment along with other VC firms such as Digital Currency Group and Lightspeed Venture Partners for a $1.5 million investment back in 2013.




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