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InWara's Venture Capital intelligence platform is the easiest way to keep track of private and VC funding in Blockchain

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See funding trends

Get real-time updates on exactly how much money has flowed to a particular sector in blockchain

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Source documents for literally everything

We take data-integrity very seriously. All our data is backed by official source documents, press releases and filings to help you use information asymmetry to your advantage

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Spy on Crypto VCs and Blockchain-first investors

Understand an investor's activity and track record with insight into previous deals, portfolios and more

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Venture Capital

Our platform gives your team an unfair edge when investing in the Crypto-sphere. Navigating this space is hard! We make it easy

Corporate Venture Capital

Our platform is the most trusted (and fastest) way to see emerging industry trends, discover breakout companies, build better investment syndicates and spy your VC peers in Blockchain

ICOs and STOs

You've got one shot at your token sale, do it right. Our platform allows you to benchmark competitors, find the right VCs, and discover sector/geographical trends to get the maximum raise

Cryptocurrency Exchanges

We understand the effort that goes into due-dilligence of potential listings. We also know how long it takes. We gather background info on 6000+ projects so that you can focus on what matters

Our platform brings together the entire blockchain industry

ICOs and STOs
Crypto VCs and Investors
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