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Crypto investment: Go East, blockchain friend

crypto investment

Looking back at the blockchain space, the USA and European heavy-weights — Switzerland, the UK, — have led the space in terms of innovation, enterprise solutions, adoption, and regulatory clarity.

But this rhetoric appears to be swiftly changing with Asian markets stepping in.


Venture funding in Blockchain: What’s the story?

“For the first time in 2019, Venture Capital funding in blockchain & crypto startups based is Asian markets have surpassed their Western counterparts.” (Source: InWara April 2019 Report)

Are VCs focusing their attention (and money) on the Asian blockchain and crypto market?

Here’s the data. You be the judge.

crypto investment



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A colossal $341 million was pumped into blockchain-crypto ventures during the month of April. Out of this, as much as $200 million was invested in Korean companies, accounting for nearly 60% of the total funds raised by blockchain-crypto ventures. 

Apart from South Korea, China is another Asian country attracting a significant amount of venture attention this month. VCs invested a cool $40 million in Chinese entities. This shouldn’t be surprising despite the Crypto ban considering that the country with the most number of blockchain patents is the Asian heavyweight. 

Also, Venture Capitalists invested $3 million in a Vietnamese startup, Utop.

In total, as much as $243 million was invested in Blockchain-crypto startups in Asia which represents a whopping 71% of the total venture funding during this month.

Do you agree the Blockchain is now looking east for inspiration?


ICO landscape: April 2019

While this may dismay a few, it’s not just the VCs who think Asian blockchain-crypto space is attractive, retail investors, too, are willing to play ball.


Funds Raised via ICOs by Country — April 2019

crypto investment



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ICOs based in South Korea raised a cool $27 million but Singapore takes the cake for being the largest fund-raiser for April.

Singapore-based ICOs raised over $200 million and accounted for over 40% of the funds raised globally.

Other Asian countries who moved the needle include China ($45+ million), Japan ($30 million) and India ($5+ million). Between these Asian giants, a huge ~$325 million was raised through token sales alone which represents nearly 60% of the total funds raised globally.

A standout majority.


What’s fueling the move?

Firstly, more Asian countries are implementing more blockchain-crypto friendly regulations-realizing the potential of this tech to fuel economic growth. As late-comers to the party, the Asian countries are pushing adoption to catch up.

Secondly, the relatively higher population base in Asian countries-combined with the lack of proper financial structures makes Asia primed for blockchain to disrupt. The size & scale of the continent makes blockchain an attractive solution.

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