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Crypto funding: OVEX & 3 others received Private funding

Private Funding Activity Last Week


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CoinVoice, a blockchain innovator community that provides professional news, information and media services on cryptographic assets, blockchain technology and industry events has raised an undisclosed amount of funds in a corporate round from Chain Renaissance Capital.

Magic Cube, a company which puts forward the operation mode of “game is mining, holding money and dividend has raised $5 million in series A round from Vector Capital, Origin Capital, JRR Capital, IDG Capital, BitBlock Capital, and

ChainNews, a blockchain media company that uses first-line interviews and a data mining-based recommendation engine has raised an undisclosed amount of funds in an Angel Round from Qicheng Information Technology, Milestone Capital China, and

OVEX, a cryptocurrency exchange company has raised an undisclosed amount of funds in a seed round from Invictus Capital.


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