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Crypto Adoption: Amazon-owned Twitch accepts payments in BTC 


In a boost for crypto adoption, Twitch, an Amazon-owned game streaming platform has enabled payments via Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH) again starting June 25.

In March 2019, Twitch had removed crypto-based payment (again in bitcoin and bitcoin cash) options for subscriptions by removing Bitpay as the preferred payment method. Bitpay has now been enabled again as a payment processor for the platform. Bitcoin and bitcoin cash can be found as payment options in the section dedicated to the “less common” payment methods during purchase of a subscription in the payment page. The re-enabling of Crypto as a payment option has not been announced officially.


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In a further filip for Crypto adoption, San Francisco-based payments firm, Square made bitcoin deposits available on its popular Cash App platform earlier this month. This coupled with Walmart China’s public announcement of using VeChain’s blockchain platform for food tracking appear to be building strong use-cases for Crypto. In other news in the world, Malta offered a boost to Crypto adoption by ensuring that all rental contracts in the “blockchain island” would be on the blockchain. The first half of 2019 has been littered with blockchain breaking barriers in existing systems.

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