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Combox and five others are launching crowd sales while Digital Media Funding and Conjure are launching pre-sale



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Digital Media Funding: Digital Media Funding Share and Connect Global Digital Entertainment. Company’s mission is to build a movie distribution platform that achieves balance in the supply and rewards flowing between fans, artists and movie service providers. More Digital Media Better Prices Brand new distribution platform, Royalty Payouts Instant royalty payouts for artists and labels Rights Management Manage rightsholder data through smart contracts Promotional Incentives Fans are rewarded for loyalty, community participation, up-sell and referral Community Labels Direct fan-to-artist funding through ownership crowd sales. Rights Tracking Identify pirated movie with digitally ‘watermarked’ content Back-Catalogue Monetization Labels and copyright holders can offer limited rights to back-catalog content.





Pre-sale open date: 01-Apr-2019




Conjure: Conjure is an incentivized, decentralized content platform that rewards participants for contributing quality content with cryptocurrency. Conjure combines concepts from social media, search, and advertising with cryptocurrency to enable content creators to monetize their content. Conjure’s unique architecture, the Depth Engine, takes a fresh approach to content discovery, fostering a creative ecosystem built around individuals and interaction. Conjure seeks to rectify two problems that plague both content creators and consumers across the web: content monetization and content discovery.





Pre-sale open date: 01-Apr-2019


Total Hard cap: $6 million




Crowdsale ICOs


MinedBlock Limited: MinedBlock offers the opportunity for investors to purchase the ST20 Security Token which is a digital asset backed by a corresponding Preference Share in MinedBlock Holding Limited (the Special Purpose Vehicle) that enables holders to receive a revenue share produced by our mining farms. Collectively, MBTX token holders will own 95% of the Special Purpose Vehicle and the associated costs and revenue so, therefore, will receive the revenue share each month based on the profit generated. Revenue will be shared respectively and equally between all token holders on a ‘payout per token’ model.





Crowdsale open date: 01-Apr-2019



Reindeer Technology Pte Ltd: Reindeer is the world’s first cloud design platform that is committed to creating the first global case database on how to utilize cloud computing tools such as AWS, Azure, GCP, and others. The platform’s impact will be similar to that of GitHub and other similar channels. The platform seeks to make everyone a super creator using the open knowledge of cloud computing. Reindeer aims to share with people around the world superior-quality cloud designs that only a few people have been able to discover and therefore make the world a place where creators can successfully work together to design a variety of services and use them without risk.



Crowdsale open date: 01-Apr-2019


Total Hard cap: $85 million



Venoty: Venoty is a digital currency that enables instant payments to anyone, anywhere in the world and uses peer-to-peer technology to operate with no central authority. The Venoty platform was customized in accordance with the needs of the child, with its own content, and it was created by educational and IT specialists. Venoty will become, in time, the perfect tool to guide the child into his or her own personal development process.





Crowdsale open date: 05-Apr-2019


Total Hard cap: $3.4 million



ComBox: The initial concept of ComBox solutions for two-phase liquid cooling has the idea of high safety of the work during the operation and high technical and economic indicators. For example, some time ago the buildings and constructions were required for data center i.e. the organization of its own large and costly infrastructure. The mobile solution based on a 20 -foot container allows the user to collect, deliver and install it in a place with the lowest price of electricity without any delays.





Crowdsale open date: 01-Apr-2019


Total Hard cap: $45 million



MultiVAC (IEO):  MultiVAC is a next-generation high-performance public blockchain for industrial-scale decentralized applications. Its trusted sharding technology allows for unlimited and sustainable scalability, and it provides a novel approach towards solving the blockchain scalability problem currently preventing mainstream blockchains from reaching industrial capability. MultiVAC is the first to propose a sharding model based on Verifiable Random Functions (VRF) and applies this model to transactions, computation, and storage. MultiVAC allows for the high levels of safety and reliability needed by industrial applications while only requiring processing on a small number of nodes, producing significant speed improvements. On top of the fast and scalable blockchain model, MultiVAC is the first in the industry to provide a computational model for smart contracts which allows developers to flexibly decide for themselves the tradeoff between consistency, availability, and partition tolerance, parameters that are often stiffly fixed by the designs of many public blockchains.





Crowdsale open date: 03-Apr-2019


Total Hard cap: $16 million



VeriBlock:  Veriblock is a trustless, decentralized, permissionless and transparent technology which can be used to create a secure and scalable ecosystem. Basically, user can use it as a third-party solution that offers a technology similar to Bitcoin, since it uses a very similar proof of work system for securing the transactions made on the chain. This, the official press release of Veriblock affirms, could enable teams to be focused on aspects like creating innovative features instead of security. One of the most interesting security features of the network is that it provides more defense against 51% attacks. This is done because the company links other blockchains to the Bitcoin main net, which is by far one of the most resilient blockchains.




Crowdsale open date: 02-Apr-2019


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