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Blockchain in Finance: ICO Market Research, Private Funding Activity, and MnA

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A sector ready for a bounce back!

Blockchain has established itself as a challenger in the Finance sector. Many teams both start-ups, as well as corporate sponsored, are trying to lay ground rules and define the course of evolution of this sector. Despite technological challenges and regulatory hurdles, teams are innovating faster to shape up the new rules of engagement in the ecosystem. Initial results are evident in terms of intermediaries in cash transfers, capital and risk.


InWara has studied trends among the companies with blockchain technology with or without an ICO. The study provides insights based on the analysis of ICOs with participation in tokens from Institutional investors, Capital raised in private rounds and data based on information published by companies raising funds through an ICO.


This study covers

  • Finance sector ICO Landscape
  • Finance ICOs- Market Trend Analysis
  • Private Funding Activity
  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Miscellaneous Stats

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Finance Sector ICO Landscape

Finance sector dominates with over 957 ICOs till date, of these not all were successful in raising capital to reach their respective hard caps. Within the sector, Financial Services have seen the largest number of successful ICOs at 137.3

Finance Sector ICO Landscape (overview)
Source: InWara’s Finance sector report


Financial Services contributed to over 40% of total ICOs in the Finance Sector which in turn accounted for over 40% of the overall ICOs.


Capital raising takes a breather with the threshold average Hardcaps witnessing a marginal decline

Capital raising takes a breather in finance sector ICOs
Source: InWara’s Finance sector report



The InWara Research Team ensures quality and accurate research, analyzed exhaustively by a team of quality controllers and highly skilled analysts. The research team strives to publish only the most accurate information possible, so all information has been carefully considered on a factual basis and the data is collected by analyzing 3000+ ICO whitepapers, almost 2200 official company blog articles, 500 official press releases and continuous web monitoring of news and social media sources.

“Our customers use our data analytics engine to find data and unique insight to help them when they buy and sell crypto throughout the markets. We used our data analytics tool for this report to analyze the ROI of each ICO listed after. It takes 10 seconds to filter data by industry or country.

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Disclaimer: Originally posted on Hackernoon. This is not financial advice. For more details visit terms and conditions.


Blockchain in Finance

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