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Blockchain development platform Ark’s v2.4 Mainnet upgrade is here. What to expect?

Blockchain startup raised funds

Ark’s v2.4 Mainnet upgrade is expected to go live on 12th June 2019. Ark revealed the latest upgrade could include features such as Websockets, a P2P layer and even parallel block which is expected to make syncs faster, according to an official Tweet.

To develop their platform Ark had raised a cool $1 million through an Initial Coin Offering launched way back in December 2016, an incredible amount at the time as ICOs really didn’t pick up pace in early 2018, according to InWara’s market intelligence platform

Funds Raised by Quarter ( ICO, STO, IEO and Venture Capital)

Blockchain startup raised funds


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In 2018, during the peak of tokenized fundraising — as much as $25.3 billion was raised by Blockchain and crypto projects. An overwhelming majority of this amount, approximately $17.2 billion was raised by ICOs alone which is akin to 68.5% of the total funds raised during that year.

Ark’s Blockchain-as-a-Service

Ark is a Blockchain infrastructure solutions provider that aims to make blockchain technology accessible to everyone. Ark’s platform enables its users to prepare, customize and deploy their own bespoke Blockchain and purportedly no coding is required to do so.

Blockchain startup raised funds


Key features-

Ark utilizes a Delegated-proof-of-stake (Dpos) consensus mechanism which purportedly features 51 delegates. Essentially, these delegates are tasked with running the network similar to how miners function in Bitcoin.

Ark’s aim is to keep the primary Blockchain lean and fast, to achieve this the company leverage side chains to off-load non-essential functions from its core Blockchain. Much like how the lightning network and the Lumino project aims to bring scalability and speed to Bitcoin. Check out our article on Bitcoin scaling solutions.

But what’s interesting about Ark’s technology is that it offers interoperability. As mentioned earlier, Ark offers a technology stack to create and deploy stand-alone bespoke blockchain’s but purportedly using Ark SmartBridge technology users can interoperate between these individual Blockchain’s.

Ark’s Blockchain-as-a-service solution could make the breakthrough technology accessible to small-to-medium enterprises (SMEs) across the world. Currently, the only companies developing Blockchain technology are the ones large enough to afford to a specialized team — hence it’s not accessible to everyone.

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