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Executive Summary of InWara’s Q1 2019 report


Blockchain, crypto landscape. Quarterly Report 2019



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InWara’s quarterly report is a comprehensive study of the significant market trends in blockchain-crypto space and draws insights through a data-driven analysis of these trends.

Here are the key takeaways

  • ICO landscape: The number of ICOs have depreciated dramatically during Q1 2019, observing a near 60% decline.

  • STO landscape: On the other hand, the number of STOs the world over, increased by an impressive 130%.

  • Private Funding: Private investments in the blockchain-crypto space during Q1 2019 have dwindled by a startling 63% when compared to the previous quarter, to a grand total of $500 million.

  • M&A activity: The number of M&A deals during Q1 2019 fell short when compared to the previous quarter but despite this, some of the deals are significant as they mark the entry of established companies like Facebook into the blockchain-crypto space.

    # of M&A deals, quarter-wise

    Blockchain, crypto landscape. Quarterly Report 2019


You can download the entire report here.


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