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Executive Summary of InWara’s monthly report- May 2019

Blockchain and crypto report

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InWara’s monthly report is a comprehensive study of significant market trends on a shorter time frame. This helps understand the immediate market dynamics and contributing factors.

Here are the key takeaways-

  • Blockchain and crypto projects have raised a whopping $2.65 billion just during May 2019. A majority of these funds, ~$1.2 billion, was raised through Initial Exchange Offering (IEO) model.

    IEOs have gained incredible popularity over the past couple of months with more and more exchanges starting their own IEO platform. Read more about the IEO trend here.

    Blockchain and crypto report
  • On average, security token offerings (STOs) raised $85 million per project, much higher than any other financing model.
  • A majority of startups raising funds come under the umbrella of the Financial ecosystem but a refreshing change being observed is the increase in number of Healthcare projects.

You can download the entire report here.


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