Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms Of 2024

Are you looking for an ultimate copy trading platform that will assist you in executing successful trades without wasting your time on the line, offering a remarkable range of features and yet coming at affordable pricing?

Then you are at the right place; I will help you choose the best copy trading platform that will serve all your copy trading needs with top-notch signal providers as well as bulletproof security based on my thorough market research and experience testing them.

So without further delay, let’s get started with some of the best options currently offering copy trading features.

Best Crypto Copy Trading Platforms

Now, let’s discuss what unique features these platforms are equipped with.

#1. Bybit Copy Trading


Beginning with one of the most renowned crypto exchanges, Bybit. It was founded in 2018, headquartered in Singapore and registered in the British Virgin Islands.

Bybit is a prominent name in the crypto market today and has earned a lot of goodwill in a very short period. And when it comes to copy trading, Bybit’s growth is even more impressive as it started offering copy trading features just this year.

Bybit has successfully provided an optimised platform for copy trading, both user-friendly for beginner traders and equally sophisticated for advanced professional traders.

Bybit comes with advanced social trading features. One is the built-in AI feature that analyses the timing of your entry and exit into a coin and recommends the trader that matches your trading strategies before beginning crypto copy trading.

The platform allows you to sort and filter by rankings of principal traders, 3-Week win rate (%), 7-Day profit, 7-Day win rate (%) and 7-day follower profit. You can also search for a particular trader if you have someone in mind.

Bybit automatically deducts 10% of the profit and credits it to the principal trader’s account as goodwill to them.

There are also trading and funding fees, the same as Bybit charges for derivatives trading, but apart from that, there are no additional charges. There is also leverage of up to 100x allowed on Bybit’s copy trading.

bybit copy trading

It is always recommended to carefully choose your principal trader as your profits directly depend on their trading strategies. To start copy trading, just sign up as a principal trader or a follower and submit your application.

The application consists of a screenshot of your derivatives trading records from the past month on any crypto exchanges, information on your social media profiles, number of followers and crypto communities if any and a screenshot of your trading profits and performance from the past month.

Approval can take from 2-5 days. As for the principal trader, you can start trading, and your trades are automatically shared.

Regarding followers, directly choose a principal trader to follow and copy their trades. Currently, there are no KYC requirements for followers. However, KYC levels 1 and 2 are required to qualify as principal traders.

Bybit also lets you monitor your P&L in real-time, and the platform carefully vets each principal trader by reviewing their historical trading data.

Currently, the system allows you to pick only one trader. More than 155 thousand people have now successfully joined their favourite traders, and there are close to 800 principal traders on Bybit.

These figures are pretty impressive as the platform has very recently opened its doors for copy trading.

Currently, Bybit supports 15 different trading pairs, including BTC/ USDT, BIT/USDT, ETH/USDT, XRP/USDT and several other highly liquid pairs. Meaning that volume and trade execution is not at all a problem which isn’t the case with many crypto exchanges other than the ones I have enlisted.

If you sign up now on Bybit and join as a Principal Trader, you can participate in the prize pool of 1,000,000 USDT.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this fantastic platform.


#2. PrimeXBT Copy Trading

Another prominent name in the crypto space is PrimeXBT. Founded in 2018 and headquartered in Seychelles, it is undoubtedly one of the most famous crypto-social trading platforms. The exchange permits copy trading in Bitcoin and other traditional financial assets.

PrimeXBT diversified the platform by offering a crypto copy trading feature. The copy trading platform has been brought up in partnership with Covesting and includes stocks, FX, commodities, and crypto. Just like many other crypto copy trading platforms, copy traders can diversify their capital between multiple traders.

As I told you before, the principal traders’ trading strategies should be considered. They should be carefully analysed and monitored throughout your trading decisions and procedures. The strategy of principal traders is also readily available on the PrimeXBT copy trading terminal.

For enhanced control over your trading account and copy trades, PrimeXBT allows you to close trades manually as and when required. Additionally, there is also an option to limit the risks of your chosen crypto markets.

Suppose the professional trader you’ve selected as the principal trader for your copy trades allocates 5% of their portfolio at an asset’s trade, and your risk appetite is only 3%; the system allocates your capital accordingly.

When choosing your trading strategy, you have the option to filter by total profit, the number of followers, all of which may aid your final trade decision.

Other than the fees charged for opening and closing trades, the principal traders take 20% of your total profits, from which 10% go to the platform, and the user retains the remaining 70%.

Copy trading on PrimeXBT requires just 3 simple steps. Select a trader among hundreds of established traders and their strategies, review their performances and choose the most suitable one.

Then you need to set the amount, choosing what you are willing to allocate to the selected strategy. Then click follow and start following, getting the same returns as your favourite strategy.

primexbt copy trading

PrimeXBT’s own covesting copy trading platform is built by a team of investment industry professionals with accumulated trading experience of over 100 years. It lets you create your own strategy or copy trade crypto in minutes.

Covesting copy-trading is an excellent opportunity to earn profit for both active traders who wish to manage a strategy as well as for new traders who want to make a passive profit by following the strategy of other successful traders.

PrimeXBT also allows leverage of up to 100x on the majority of the assets. There are also limits, stop OCO and market order types that you can integrate with your trades. The minimum amount to open a trade is 0.001 BTC with a 1% entry fee.

You can fund your account using direct crypto deposits that allow you to transfer cryptos from your crypto wallets instantly.

You can also deposit from MetaMask Wallet; install the MetaMask plugin in the browser you access the platform on. Another method is Buying crypto through the Credit card/SEPA transfers option that allows you to buy BTC, ETH and other major tokens.

You can also deposit USDC and USDT – using a Bank issued card / SEPA transfers / Gift cards / Alternative Crypto assets via third-party exchange services like Coinify, XanPool, Paxful and

PrimeXBT also offers more than 42 crypto trading pairs including all the major ones like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, USD Coin, Tether, EOS and the list goes on.

Get your hands on PrimeXBT and experience its unique copy trading features.


#3. Etoro Copy Trading


Next on the list is the eToro, it is a Tel-Aviv-based platform which was founded in 2007, initially under the name RetailFX and functioned as an online forex broker.

Later it changed its name to eToro and opened its doors to the cryptoverse with BTC trading in 2014, giving complete access to trading CFDs.

eToro’s social features are what make its platform unique in the online trading space. Both the Copy Trader system and Smart Portfolios investment strategies lean on eToro’s user base, which amounts to over 20 million users from 140 countries.

They are designed to help you explore new ways to make profitable trades.

On eToro, the minimum amount to invest in a trader is $200; you can copy up to 100 principal traders simultaneously on this platform. The maximum investment you can make on a particular trader is 2 million USD, and the minimum amount is $1; trades below this amount will not open.

If you close a trade manually, the funds from this position will be credited back to your copy trade balance in your eToro account (the amount allocated to copy that person not invested in open positions). eToro’s own ‘CopyTrader’ system allows you to copy all or selected trades of the copied trader.

etoro copy trading

While choosing this method you will have the existing open trades of the trader you are copying opened, with these terms:

  • The live positions will be opening in your account with the current market rates (not the rate at which the original trades were opened).
  • The trades will have a similar stop loss (SL) and take profit (TP) as the original trade.
  • They will mirror the principal Trader’s future actions, including changes in SL and TP and closing of the trade, as you begin to copy them. If the principal trader extends their SL by adding more funds to a position, your SL will adjust accordingly.However, your position amount will stay unchanged as its initial amount. That’s why you may sometimes see a difference in gain percentage between your copy account and the copied retail investor accounts.
  • You can close a particular copied trade without closing your copy trading exchange account.
  • If the principal Trader opens a position in closed markets when they are copied (market break, for example), the system will automatically open a Market Order for you. Once the market gets opened, the order will be executed into a position with the initial market rate.
  • To see all of the trades copied from a particular trader, go to your portfolio and click the Copied Trader’s name.

You can sign up for an account and directly start copying other traders at no extra charge. There are no management fees or additional hidden costs involved. To view their complete pricing policy, click here.

Internationally regulated by FCA, CySEC and ASIC, you can sleep peacefully knowing that the exchange is not going anywhere. The platform is available and perfectly legal in the USA.

eToro doesn’t take any of your profits to pay the professional trader but uses their own in-house Popular Investor Program to repay them in a tiered manner.

And that is what makes eToro the best crypto copy trading software choice in the crypto markets.


#4. Gate Copy Trading

gate io logo was launched in 2013 and has worked in the industry for 8 years, dedicated to being a safe and stable cryptocurrency exchange.

It has been consistently ranked in the top ten rankings of real trading volume, desktop trading terminal, transparent digital assets, and high return on investment by authoritative institutions in the global industry.

Since its copy trading portal’s launch in 2020, has become one of the most liked crypto copy trading platforms worldwide. This platform’s popularity in such a short period is just phenomenal.

The platform has more than 10 million registered users, a daily trading volume of more than 12 billion, and is available in more than 224 countries.

Currently, a vast number of principal traders are registered on the copy trading platform with an end number of trading strategies, and it is up to you to find what works best for you or what strategies you want to experiment with. provides a way to sort those principal traders to find that ultimate trader for you by Total Return, AUM, Rate of Return and Current copiers to give you a better idea of what you are getting into.

There is also an option on to “Hide The Occupied”, where a principal trader who doesn’t have any more slots for new trading accounts will not be shown. Mark this check box if you don’t want FOMO flooding over you and not being able to do anything about it

Users in the USA do not need to fret has got you covered with its sister platform, which is perfectly legal to use for copy trading software in the country. The regulatory approvals are being worked on and will be available anytime soon.

Unlike other major exchanges, Gate allows you to copy trades from multiple traders simultaneously so its users can learn to diversify portfolios and hopefully end up in the green. When choosing which trader to copy, you can input the dollar amount you want to invest with that trader.

gate io copy trading

If you don’t prefer copy trading and you want to follow someone’s trading strategies, then has you covered on that also.

So rather than buying and selling when the principal trader does, your orders are placed algorithmically through sophisticated crypto trading strategies.

So just like copy trading is hands-off, eliminating the initial research, you can do the same with crypto trading strategies as well.

There are over 1 million strategies running on; hence, using this method gives you the option to sort by “Top Gainers”, “Ranking top 10”, “Profitable Strategies Top 10”, “Most Copied”, and “Trending Strategies Top 10”.

All the platform asks is a measly 5% profit share which it essentially passes on to the person executing the trades or the creator of the trading strategy.


#5. 3Commas Copy Trading

3Commas logo

Although copy trading is like a dream come true, copying from the topper in class when you weren’t prepared for the exam, and here there are no invigilators, as well as you both topped the class. So easy peasy, right? But what if I tell you that you could make all this completely automated? Let me tell you how.

3Commas lets you copy trades through crypto trading bots, where you can set predefined rules that trigger buy and sell orders for you. You don’t need to stick your eyes the whole day on your computer, and your crypto copy trading bot will generate profits for you automatically.

3Commas support 18+ exchanges with all your favourites included. These copy-trading bots are a step ahead of a principal human trader as they can work continuously without a rest meaning your trades will grow 24×7 without any halt or pause.

3commas is also a secure platform; it uses secure cold wallets for storing your funds and only interacts with exchanges through API keys. Your funds are always safe as they do not have your credentials and so cannot initiate withdrawals.

Build your copy trading strategies or find your favourite traders on the app and just follow them to recreate their successful trading strategies on your portfolio.

3commas copy trading

Please remember that this differs from copy trading, where all your trades are copied into your portfolio. Here, you just copy the chosen strategy and rely on the past performance of successful traders, which can be applied to any coin.

Suppose you are a beginner and want to experiment before investing real money. In that case, 3Commas provides paper trading as well for just this purpose and seamlessly integrates with everybody’s favourite charting system, TradingView.

Just take a gander through the available subscription plans, take the 3-day trial, and talk to other traders who already use it before making a decision.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on this new way of trading and skyrocket your profits with minimum effort!


#6. CryptoHopper Copy Trading

CryptoHopper logo

CryptoHopper crypto trading platform is another famous name in the industry that is tremendously growing in this field—it was founded in 2017 by two Dutch brothers in Amsterdam, Netherlands.

This crypto copy trading platform has over 6 lakh traders and integrates flawlessly with over 18 major crypto exchanges.

This cryptocurrency trading platform offers a free trial for 7 days where you can learn and experiment with copy trading tools and products. You can start trading with CryptoHopper for free and don’t need to enter your credit card credentials on the platform.

With the bot backtesting tool on CryptoHopper, there are configurable and saveable templates, trailing stops, and customisable technical indicators.

CryptoHopper is a copy trader software that helps new traders to choose between free and paid trading strategies. Along with built-in trading bots, you can also follow the indicators like Stoch, RSI, Bollinger Bands and MACD.

The indicators and their particulars available on the platform can be added to the crypto trading bot. This helps you dive deep and understand why the trading strategies are created the way they are, which will be pretty helpful in the long run.

The platform’s team have been very involved in helping to build the community by making tutorial videos that help navigate and understand the platform to its depth, as well as moderating the multi-lingual message boards.

With an aim to make crypto the currency of the future and make it accessible as well, the new normal, CryptoHopper, has undoubtedly done a great job of achieving it.

Experienced traders can try creating their own cryptocurrency trading bots as a passive income by selling their templates on the market. Additionally, they have a long list of 75 crypto assets to choose from.

CryptoHopper copy trading

As a security measure, CryptoHopper offers two-factor authentication, which is highly recommended by the platform set up.

Setting it will let you enhance your account’s security because of you don’t lose your assets because of faulty API coding at the crypto exchange’s end.

CryptoHopper has been highly reputed and has a great fan following among crypto traders from around the world. Thanks to its easy-to-use and beginner-friendly interface.

Above all, CryptoHopper is an AI-driven platform that makes crypto trading accessible and fun for various traders and offers top-notch trading functionalities for advanced trading.

With top-level customer support, security and feature-rich trading, don’t have another doubt and get your hands on CryptoHopper.


#7. ZuluTrade

ZuluTrade logo

ZuluTrade was initially founded in 2007 and headquartered in Athens, Greece. By 2009 the company attracted over 4,500 expert traders. In the year 2021, the platform opened its doors toward crypto copy trading as well as launched combos and crypto payments.

ZuluTrade is a FINVASIA Group company and one of the world’s most innovative copy and social trading platforms that offer complete transparency and control of your funds.

It provides a smooth and simplified copy trading experience with exciting options like Traders and Combos.

The company has now become a leading copy trading platform with users in more than 150 countries and over a million traders, which is proliferating.

In addition to cryptocurrencies, the platform offers stocks, indices, commodities and forex, which builds an even more flourished traders network.

Regarding copy trading, ZuluTrade offers a thin but strong and subtle range of crypto trading pairs, including Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, EOS and Stellar.

The platform aims to simplify the trading experience and make it accessible to everyone.

You can start your trading journey with just a $100 minimum deposit in ZuluTrade with the platform licensed and regulated in Japan, the EU and the USA. The user interface is smooth, simple and responsive, which was not the case a few days back.

The platform has remarkably dealt with its flaws in the past and made its way into the leading copy trading platforms in the world.

zulutrade copy trading

The interesting point about the platform is its UI’s ability to search traders by country, which is something a copy trader software didn’t have back in the day.

ZuluTrade has introduced the concept of combo portfolios, which creates mutual funds type offerings by combining their traders in dynamic combinations.

These combinations are managed by the platform’s certified management portfolio team, which tries to cover all trading profiles so that no trader is left behind.

ZuluTrade aims to diversify your crypto trading journey so that losses can be mitigated.

The traders worldwide are picked as part of a combo if they have a win rate above 30%, a long-term positive ROI has executed more than 100 trades, and has stable trading activity over the last 15 weeks in the crypto markets.

The quickest way of following a trader’s combos is to choose your risk appetite, and the amount of money you want to invest and then follow the trader’s combos you prefer (one or more).

There are more than 20 brokers supported on the platform, including all the major ones like AVA Trade, FX VIEW, Vantage, Finveo and many more.


#8. Shrimpy

Shrimpy logo

Yet another fantastic platform that has captured the market in a comparatively brief period is Shrimpy. Founded in 2017, the company has been trying to make a central dashboard for crypto trading and portfolio tracking for the crypto markets.

Its biggest USP is its portfolio rebalancing tool which can automatically rebalance your portfolio by moderately trading crypto assets according to your risk/asset allocation level.

However, the platform has a paid membership plan which varies between $15 to $19 a month and, when paid annually, comes with an additional discount.

Purchasing a plan gives you complete access to all the tools and functions that come in handy while copy trading. The copy trading bots are built-in, and other tools are all free to use with the purchased plans.

If you want to manage your portfolio systematically, Shrimpy allows you to create a custom index and allocate your capital every time an investment is made.

For example, if you want to invest equally in all of the top 5 cryptocurrencies by market cap every month. This would exclude any fiat tethered stablecoins.

A problematic con is that you cannot write a script for copy trading bots. The strategy is mostly spot trading and rebalancing according to your understanding or following a trader you trust to lead you towards profitability.

In the past, there wasn’t even a mobile app, but the platform has successfully resolved this by providing one of the best mobile apps, which require very little storage yet comes with all the functionalities of the web portal.

Shrimpy is a commendable platform that listens to its customer’s needs, and that’s what makes it so unique.

So, I can say that this platform will be solving the script copy issue pretty soon. On the other hand, the backtesting tool it is equipped with is top-of-the-line.

Shrimpy copy trading

It allows you to see how better your new strategy is than the previous one. It can also integrate with close to 30 exchange accounts and wallets, which makes it one of the better crypto copy trading softwares.

The list of cryptocurrencies supported on this platform is vast, which is always a good thing to have.

Shrimpy calls its experienced traders Social leaders, who can earn close to $45,000 per month if they play their cards right.

When you click the profile of a particular trader who you want to follow, a prompt appears asking you to input a dollar amount which, when reached, would trigger into unfollowing the trader and convert the remaining portfolio to USDT/USDC/DAI/TUSD/PAX/BTC/NUSD/.

A sign-off accompanies this on the understanding that any changes to the social leader’s portfolio will also reflect in the user’s portfolio.

Pros & Cons Of Using Copy Trading In Crypto


  • Copy trading crypto is best for beginner traders as it allows you to watch and learn from more experienced traders and make money simultaneously.
  • It allows cutting losses whenever you want to. This is partly owing to the intuitive user experience and the platforms willing to give their customers freedom.
  • It saves time and effort for part-time investors where they don’t have to spend much time understanding the ins and outs of advanced crypto trading, leaving the decision to the experts.


  • New traders can quickly get anxious when they have made multiple losing trades, leading to panic about their entire corpus.
  • Fees are charged according to the platform used, and the trader selected. This eats up your profits, but most platforms have them fixed at 10%-15% when it’s not a subscription-based platform.


What Should Be The Criteria to follow when choosing The Best Crypto Copy Trading Platform?

  • FEES

The primary step is being aware of the fees the platform you are copy-trading is charging you. The platforms I have enlisted are transparent with minimum fees than the industry standards.


More information about traders you are about to follow and entrust your money with is always beneficial. Therefore you should choose a platform that gives you more information and whatever else might be helpful for you during copy trading.


The manual intervention has its benefits. In copy trading, you might not like every trade your trader executes. In those moments, you should be able to cut the trade when you want, and unfollowing a trader should be as easy as clicking a button.

Make sure that the platform you choose is equipped with these functionalities.


If a platform makes an effort to protect its user’s funds, then the platform should be your first choice. All the platforms enlisted above are renowned for the safety and security of their user’s funds, and you shouldn’t have any doubt about checking them out.

What is Crypto Social Trading?

With social trading software, you can discuss the coin, entries, exits, stop losses and the strategy used with other traders and make your own decisions.

People share their profitable trades and losses on these platforms so that they can be critiqued for their work and learn from it.

Users need to take their trades with the help of social trading tools like Take-Profit and Stop loss. This becomes tedious as taking the trade simultaneously with the other person is impossible, leading to losses.

Such a social trading platform is useful when it is educational and not for trading signals. Remember that the creator of the trading group can use these results as a marketing tactic for future entrants.

Where can I copy trade Crypto?

eToro is a great starting point for crypto copy trading. If you are a big fan of trading bots, CryptoHopper will be the best choice, where you can connect other trading accounts of your favourite exchanges.

Just remember to take it slow and don’t directly dive unless you take trials, experiment and learn first.

Does Binance allow copy trading?

Binance doesn’t allow copy trading and is not even going to anytime soon. Binance lends itself to third-party services, building products that connect with its platform.

You can place buy and sell orders along with take-profit and stop losses. These connections are primarily established through APIs, so the crypto copy trading platforms do not have access to your actual funds and can only place orders for you.

Is Crypto Copy Trading Legal, Safe & Profitable?

Crypto copy trading is a renowned and legitimate way of making profitable trades. This is the game of visualisation and follow-up.

You should understand when to exit the trade and when to follow, a skill that can be mastered with personal trials and errors.

For safety and legality, choosing the exchange that checks all the boxes of criteria I mentioned above is essential. All the platforms I have enlisted are safe and legitimate. You can trust them with your funds.

As far as legality is the factor, many countries are figuring out crypto itself, and regulation is not on their radar currently. Countries like the EU, India and the USA have strict rules and tax regimes.


These are the best of the best crypto copy trading platforms currently offered in the crypto market that come with the best user interface and provide the best user experience.

Be it in terms of security, features, functionalities and ease of the trading process; these platforms won’t disappoint you.

So what are you waiting for? Get your hands on any copy trading platforms and start your trading journey today.



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