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Microsoft To Offer Blockchain-Powered Tools To PowerApps & Flow Users

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American tech giant, Microsoft, is reportedly planning offer blockchain-based tools users of PowerApps and Microsoft Flow, as reported by news outlet GeekWire.

The giant plans to announce its blockchain-first initiative during the Microsoft Business Applications Summit in Atlanta. The blockchain-powered tool will also be accompanied by Artificial Intelligence-based features in Microsoft’s PowerApps custom application builder and business intelligence tool, PowerBI.

The Power Platform is a collection of tools designed to help developers collaborate and build custom apps, boost productivity, automate workflows, and crunch data for insights.

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This is not the first time Microsoft is planning to release blockchain-powered integrations for its products. It launched the new Azure Blockchain Development Kit for Ethereum developers in May 2019. The tool kit was built to help developers build apps using Microsoft’s blockchain-as-a-service platform.

In May 2019, Microsoft also revealed it’s ongoing efforts to build a decentralized identity network system on top of the Bitcoin blockchain.

Coincidentally, in the same month, New York-based ConsenSys also launched a Dapp and Blockchain Developer Job kit to help budding blockchain developers enter the Ethereum dev scene.

It includes a knowledge glossary that covers topics all blockchain-related terms such as, miners and security incentivization, consensus algorithms, smart contracts, standards and more.


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