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STO review: Airfox an ambitious offering

Security token offering


Airfox is an Ethereum based platform with ambitious aims of revolutionizing the mobile telecommunications & financial services industry. The company wants to make mobile communication costs more affordable using blockchain technology. 


Airfox's vision to make telecommunications and financial services more accessible.


Airfox incentivizes a users smartphone by monetizing user’s attention. AirToken, the digital tokens released by Airfox, can be redeemed by opting in for ads and claiming micro-loans. This means users get paid to watch ads, the AirTokens earned can be swapped for mobile data from over 500 carriers. Also, users can avail for micro-loans from the AirToken platform, using already established credit rating system within the platform.


How is this model useful for carriers and advertisers? 

Airfox will periodically buy data, in bulk, from carriers, while advertisers get wider users to reach and prospects of higher monetization.


Airfox is an amalgamation of three critical components — AirToken (the digital currency), AirFox Recharge (the mobile app), and the AirFox Browser (the internet browser). Together Airfox platform could be able to cut down on mobile data costs.


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The telecommunications is a highly competitive market, even in the cryptocurrency space. The likes of Moover has raised over $50 million through ICO funding.


Airfox is also experimenting in the financial services sector, by providing micro-loans to users in the form of AirTokens. Also, the company roadmap indicates plans to use AirTokens as a payment method in return for services and goods.


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Airfox is ambitiously trying to corner two highly competitive markets. 


Airfox, under the regulatory purview of SEC


Airfox, after the investigation by the SEC, was told it violated the securities laws by not registering its AirTokens as security. As a consequence had been ordered to offer refunds to investors, pay a fine of $250,000 and also file periodic reports.


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