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Verified data on venture capital investments and private funding rounds of ICOs

The Private Funding database tracks accredited angel investors, institutional investors, venture capital funds, hedge funds, corporate venture wings, investing in blockchain companies and ICOs. 

The product aims to cover investor appetite, industry, geography and technology preferences. This tool aims to help enable the fundraising process for the market participants.

Key Features and Benefits

Tracking of Investors,
Management, Service providers
and other Coin Holders

Tracking of pre- and
post- ICO ownership interest

Tracking of VC fundings 
where disclosed

Interactive stats
and charts

Support for bespoke
customer requests

Quick and advanced
search functionality

“InWara has one of the most responsive customer services. The responses are timely with the analysts answering questions about the ICOs in the database.”

-Head of Alternative Investments, Leading Hedge fund, London

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