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UCoin, Gaming stars and 6 other ICOs will be opening their crowdsale this week. 2 ICOs will be conducting their pre sale in this week.
Nov 26, 2018

YTD: 1980 ICOs

Monthly till date: 32 ICOs

Current Week: 2 Pre-sale ICOs & 8 Crowdsale ICOs

ICOs Opening This Week


Pre-sale ICOs


Birddog Ventures

Birddog Ventures are business developers who scour the worldwide markets and monitor industry trends to identify high potential opportunities to the best advantage. As such, once opportunities are identified, Birddog Ventures invest its time, experience, knowledge and money into them in a manner that maximizes returns. Birddog Ventures are developing a research, vetting, and Consensus Voting model to enable it and holders of the BDVC token to take smart positions in projects.


Presale open date: 30-Nov-2018

Presale Hard cap: $5 million



Bitcademy is a multidimensional combination of brick and mortar foundation with the virtual world. The project aims to help and empower youth players and ultimately change the approach to creating the next generation of football stars. The concept works to enabling funding through blockchain for impactful investors using various cryptocurrencies. Therefore, Bitcademy will deliver quality business operation and administration.


Presale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $15 million


Crowdsale ICOs


RSC provides a configurable smart contract that can cater for various businesses give the freedom in creating connections and partnerships with companies overseas. RPGP is an interface for payment providers and payment gateways to conduct the transaction through REMIIT’s remittance platform. The internal exchange that the Linkers could voluntarily trade their overs and shorts by using other cryptocurrencies has been designed. By using this mechanism, the liquidity problem can be solved autonomously.


Crowdsale open date: 27-Nov-2018

Total Hard cap: $5.31 million

*Its an Initial Exchange Offering. Investors can buy the token directly from the exchange.



UCoin is built on the Ethereum platform and blockchain, which is the most reliable blockchain and is supported by the Ethereum Foundation. UCoin is an asset-supported cryptocurrency combining blockchain technology with a multiple range of physical asset investments. UCoin will enable holders to benefit from the upside of a rapidly expanding cryptocurrency market while allowing them to preserve increasing value over time.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $500 million


Asset Allocation Token

Asset Allocation Token or AAT is an asset management platform which offers users a smart and easy way to manage all ICOs and Cryptocurrencies investment/portfolio under a single platform with all the tools and professional expertise users need. With the bitcoin and cryptocurrencies price setting new records on a nearly weekly basis it has become more important than ever before to keep track of one’s cryptocurrency portfolio.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $27 million


Moolya is the World’s 1st LIVE Global Digital Startup Ecosystem which replicates the global offline startup ecosystems and provides its members such as ideators, startups, investors, companies, service providers and institutions with digital avatars. Moolyacoin is an ERC20 token of a patent pending innovative SaaS platform, which merges interaction network, marketplace and on-demand service platforms offering services using the Ethereum blockchain framework and's platform.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $25 million

Toner Coin

TonerCoin is an innovative bio toner manufacturing company, made upon new blockchain-based option directed towards producing bio toner. The goal is to strengthen new types of economic relations in manufacturing and product transportation, based on a distributed database. Optimization of the manufacturing process and final cost. TonerCoin – was developed by certified specialists of toner manufacturing, who have been working with copiers for over 11 years. That allows cutting costs of manufacturing toner for 50% by using recycled materials and reducing expenses of many areas.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $38.5 million


Fluzcoin, as an independent retail coin structured in computer-aided governance, solves the problems of speed, cost, compliance, and excess volatility; ushering in a true retail coin ready for mass adoption. Fluzcoin’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithm, Eunomia, overcomes crypto-economic volatility with real-time, computer-aided market corrections to the Fluzcoin supply and demand. The value generated by minting new Fluzcoins is maximized by Fluzcoin holders in the form of proof of stake; meaning the accumulation of Fluzcoin, results in an appreciation path similar to traditional cryptocurrencies even though the value of an individual Fluzcoin may never skyrocket.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $212 million


Gaming Stars

Gaming Stars is an EOS-powered decentralized gaming platform available worldwide. By offering a unique gaming mode, the most popular skin gambling games and eSports betting services, we let professionals and amateurs monetize their skills and experience highly entertaining and engaging activities. We are also establishing the security and transparency standards for the gaming industry and opening the way for business into the huge prospering market.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $17.5 million


Azbit is a cryptocurrency exchange with built-in margin and algorithmic trading. It is an investment platform offering social copy trading, SAMM accounts, and portfolio management tools. Traders using the services of Azbit’s investment platform avoid organizational headaches. They can engage in trading and participate in ratings, and use this to attract potential investors. The regulated Azbit Global exchange will allow trading in altcoins and utility tokens. It will not support fiat currencies, which will help to avoid additional legal work and verification issues, thereby supporting the service’s alertness and scalability.


Crowdsale open date: 1-Dec-2018

Total Hard cap: $28.9 million


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