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Andreessen Horowitz: Investing aggressively despite a Crypto Winter Jan 23, 2019 Andreessen Horowitz has been investing in blockchain and crypto space for more than five years and doesn’t seem like losing either hope or pace anytime soon.
Blockchain in real estate industry | Understanding how real estate will benefit from blockchain Jan 22, 2019 How blockchain technology is revolutionising the commercial real estate industry | Data-driven analysis of the real estate industry
BitTorrent's new Tron-integrated platform to launch this summer | InWara data-driven analysis Jan 22, 2019 BitTorrent Speed, as the new BTT token integrated platform of BitTorrent is being dubbed, is scheduled to release this summer.
tZERO: Successful migration from an ICO to STO, platform launch awaited |Everything you need to know Jan 21, 2019 tZero is a security token trading platform.Analysis of's tZero, The global leader in blockchain innovation for capital markets
STO review : Neluns | Insights on Neluns project | Insights on team, product, vision and Returns Jan 21, 2019 Neluns is an unique financial ecosystem consisting of three key agents - an exchange, a bank, and an insurance company. All About Neluns
Chronicled, CDRX and 3 others collectively raised $40 million in last week’s private funding activity. Top active investors include Fenbushi Capital, Digital Currency Group (DCG), Tfund and others. Jan 21, 2019 Chronicled alone raised $16 million in series-A round in the last week. Active investors include Digital Currency Group, Fenbushi Capital, ConsenSys Ventures and others.
Game life, The Joy along and 7 other ICOs will be starting their ICO main sale in this week. Dataeum and Predya will be conducting their ICO pre-sale. Jan 21, 2019 10 ICOs including Blackwave, Game Life, The Joy, Make, Terragreen will be available for crowd sale in this week. 2 ICOs, Dataeum and Predya will be conducting their ICO pre-sale.
Crypto exchange Coinbase acquires data handling startup Blockspring Jan 19, 2019 Coinbase, US based Crypto exchange acquired Tech Startup Blockspring to solve reliability issues and bolster the scalability | Deal analysis
Blockchain's poised to revamp the supply chain industry | Blockchain impact on Supply Chain Industry Jan 19, 2019 Blockchain in supply chain industry | Analysis on how blockchain will change the supply chain by improving efficiency and transparency.
IBM backs a blockchain start-up MineHub technologies Jan 18, 2019 Due diligence on IBM backed blockchain startup, MineHub technologies that aims to enhance the efficiency of the supply chain framework
STO review: Airfox an ambitious offering Jan 18, 2019 AirFox, a blockchain-based platform aims to provide mobile telecommunications at a cheaper rate | Analysis on Paragon Airfox's Air token
Binance opens new fiat-to-crypto exchange, targets European traders Jan 17, 2019 Binance takes a big leap in its growth by launching a new fiat-to-crypto exchange, based out of Jersey
Data-driven analysis of Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Market in Singapore. Jan 15, 2019 Blockchain market analysis in Singapore. Singapore market is now known popularly known as the blockchain and Crypto hub of Southeast Asia.
Star dust, Coinsuper, Parity Technologies and 2 other companies raised funds in private rounds in the last week from investors West World, Ningbo angel investments, Unbound, Ethereum Foundation and more. Jan 14, 2019 Venture Capitalists and Institutional investors including West World, Ningo Angel Investment and others were in play last week. Star dust, Coinsuper, Parity Technologies and 2 others successfully raised funds in private rounds last week.
Be prepared for the ICO storm as 15 ICOs including Envoy, AWAX, Brain Space and Space Cloud will be opening their ICO crowdsale this week. Also, 6 ICOs will be conducting their ICO pre-sale in this week. Jan 14, 2019 21 ICOs upcoming in this week including pre-sale and main sales. Main sale ICOs include Envoy, AWAX, Brain Space, Space Cloud and 11 others. While projects like MenaPay, Carna Life, Zimrii and 3 others will be conducting their pre-sale.
Silent Power Ltd, WeBuy, BDCC, Centcoin, CWEX, Ammbr are the 6 ICOs that will be conducting their ICO crowdsale this week. Jan 07, 2019 WeBuy, an advanced blockchain based e-commerce platform has started its ICO crowdsale today. Silent Power Ltd, BDCC, Centcoin, CWEX, Ammbr will be opening their ICO crowdsale this week.
YouRa, a web-communication platform will be conducting their ICO pre-sale this week. Lucre along with 3 others will be available for crowdsale this week. Dec 31, 2018 Choose your next ICO investment pick from Lucre, Skynavpro,DexAge and Ephelants360 ICOs that will be available for crowdsale in this week. YouRa will be conducting its pre-sale in this week.
Temco, Blue Chip Vision, Cryptocircle Exchange will be opening their crowdsale this week. Global Funeral care will be conducting their pre-sale. Dec 24, 2018 Choose your next ICO investment from the list of upcoming ICOs. Temco, a Blockchain based supply chain platform will be opening its crowdsale along with 2 other ICOs. Global Funeral Care will be having its pre-sale in this week.
Over $5 million raised in private funding activity last week. Abacus alone raised $2 million from Coinbase and Justin Kan investors while Layer1 raised $2.1 million in seed round. Dec 24, 2018 Top investors including Coinbase, Peter Theil, Justin Kann Digital currency group, Draper Associates and more actively participated in last week’s private funding activity. Abacus and Layer1 remained the top projects.
Robet, Social Good and two other ICOs will be available for crowdsale this week. Reindeer and Mix Rent will be conducting their ICO pre-sale this week. Dec 17, 2018 Reindeer, a decentralized database system will be conducting their pre-sale this week along with one other ICO Mix Rent. Robet, Talentico, Social Good,Electrominer and Gastro Advisor will be opening their ICO crowdsale in this week.
Orbs raised $15.4 millions in venture round funding last week. Over $27 million raised in private funding activity last week. Active investors include TRG, Akuna Capital, 8VC and more. Dec 17, 2018 Top investors including TRG, Akuna Capital, 8VC, Morgan Creek capital and more invested over $27 million last week in Orbs, NuID, BlockFi Lending, Alphaslot, Bvaluate and Pexapark combined.
Over $50 million raised in private funding activity last week. Top investors like F2Pool, Medici ventures, Gener8tor, Metastable capital were at play. Dec 10, 2018 Top investors including F2pool, Gener8tor, Medici ventures, Shunwei Capital and more collectively invested over $50 million in private rounds last week.
Membrana and Fidelity House will be conducting their pre-sale this week. Viewo and 5 other ICOs will be available for crowd sale in the coming week. Dec 10, 2018 Viewo a blockchain based video sharing platform will be opening its crowd sale along with 5 other ICOs this week. Membrana and Fidelity will be starting their pre-sale.
Top investors including Ripple, Blockchain Capital, Bpi, Digital Currency Group invested in projects like Securitize, Yanu and more last week. Dec 03, 2018 Last week private funding has seen both pure play VC firms like Digital Currency Group, Blockchain Capital and mainstream investors like BPI, Rotolab in action investing in projects like Securitize.
Polaris, Triffic and 3 other ICOs will be carrying out their ICO pre-sale this week. Namek is the only ICO that will be open for crowdsale this week. Dec 03, 2018 5 ICOs including Polaris, Triffic, Cyberlottery will be carrying out pre-sale this coming week. Namek is the only ICO that will be available for crowd sale this week.
$32 million raised in private funding activity last week by Argent, Dispatch, Final Frontier and 3 others. Nov 26, 2018 Finlab, Index ventures, Creandum, KR1 along with other top VCs invested $32 million collectively in 6 projects including Argent, Dispatch and Final Frontier.
UCoin, Gaming stars and 6 other ICOs will be opening their crowdsale this week. 2 ICOs will be conducting their pre sale in this week. Nov 26, 2018 8 ICOs including UCoin and Gaming Stars will be open for crowdsale this week. Birddog Ventures and Bitacademy will be conducting pre sale this week.
Lolli, BitPesa, Final Frontier and 3 other ICOs raised funds in private funding activity last week. Top VC’s like Matrix Partners, Digital Currency Group Bain Capital Ventures were at play. Nov 19, 2018 $46 million raised in private rounds last week. Lolli raised $2.3 million from investors Bain Capital Ventures, SV Angel, Digital Currency Group etc. Other top investors like Sompo Holdings, BitFury Group, Javelin Venture partners also took part in last week private funding activity.
Behaviour Exchange, Soar, Playchip, Ephelants360 and Cafe Coin will be opening their ICO crowdsale this week. Also, 4 ICOs will be conducting their ICO pre-sale this week. Nov 19, 2018 Fatum Project, Ioex, Litenett and Dapcash will be conducting their ICO pre-sale in this week. 5 ICOs will be available for crowdsale in this coming week. Leverage your next investment decision with with InWara’s ICO database.
Deep Brain Chain raised funding in corporate round from Gobi Partners last week. Iconium and 3 other projects also raised funds in private rounds last week. Nov 12, 2018 Gobi Partners made an investment in Deep Brain Chain last week. Iconium, Nebeus and LianAn Technology have successfully raised funds in last week private rounds.
Webloc and Audit Chain to open their ICO Pre-sale this week. Ecoverse, Virtual Rehab and 3 other ICOs will be available for crowdsale this week. Nov 12, 2018 Webloc a blockchain-based advertising ecosystem. Along with one other ICO will be opening their ICO pre-sale in this week. Choose your pick from 6 ICOs which will be opening their crowdsale this week.
Coinbase raised a whopping $300 M in series E rounds from investors Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Wellington Management etc. Get full private funding activity details from last week. Nov 05, 2018 $317 M raised in private funding activity last week. Top investors like Y Combinator, Andreessen Horowitz, Wellington Management, Bridgelink Capital, Samsung NEXT, Endeavor etc were at play.
Aurum, Xera, Desico and Bonafi will be opening their ICO crowdsale this week Nov 05, 2018 Choose your ICO investment pick from Aurum, Xera, Desico and Bonafi as they will be opening ICO crowdsale this week. Get complete analysis from InWara before making a choice.
Bthub, Binance and OpenFinance raised an undisclosed amount in Venture Rounds last week. Oct 29, 2018 Bthub, Binance, OpenFinance, Nebeus and Trueblocks have successfully raised funding last week in private rounds. Visit InWara’s Private funding database to get full details.
Big week for Crypto space as Parkers, Aeternum Doft, DeNet to open their ICO crowd sale this week along with 8 others. Oct 29, 2018 Know everything about Parkers, Aeternum, Doft, DeNet and 8 other ICOs that will be opening their ICO crowd sale in this week. 12 ICOs for crowd sale and 2 ICOs for pre-sale will be available in this week.
BitGo bags $57.5 M in Series-B funding round from top institutional investors like Goldman Sachs etc. Total of $82+ M raised by ICOs in private funding activity in last week. Oct 22, 2018 Institutional Investors going big with their investments as 5 ICOs collectively raised $82+ M in private funding activity in last week alone. Know full details about ICOs that raised funds along with the investors that took part with InWara’s Private funding tracker database.
Bountie and Cloudbric have finished their pre sale and will be opening their Crowdsale this week along with 5 others. Oct 22, 2018 7 ICOs will be available for Crowdsale this week. Know everything about them and make right investment choice among them with the most trusted ICO database and analysis, InWara.
$46M raised in private funding activity last week. Oct 15, 2018 Hey, Blockfolio,Good money, Clearmatics, The Sun Exchange and The SMBX have raised funds in private funding last week. Know full details here.
Bx.Bet will be opening their ICO pre sale and Affiliate coin along with 3 other ICOs will be opening their ICO crowd sale this week Oct 15, 2018 Bx.Bet a blockchain-based betting platform will be opening pre-sale for their ICO this week. Affiliate coin that aims to revolutionize affiliate marketing by integrating with Cryptocurrency will be open for ICO crowd sale this week. Choose your pick from the list
$18 Million raised in private rounds by Blockchain based companies in the last week. Oct 8, 2018 Get to know the real stories behind Blockchain based companies that raised $18 millions in private rounds in last week with InWara's ICO database.
Custom Coin will be launching their pre-sale this week. 4 other ICOs will be opening their crowd-sale this week. Oct 8, 2018 Custom coin to open their pre-sale. Choose your ICO this week by knowing real story behind ICOs coming up this week with InWara's ICO database.
Vertex and Oceanex to open their crowdsale this week. Checkout all the ICOs coming up this week. Oct 1, 2018 Vertex and Oceanex will be opening crowdsale for their ICOs this week along week 3 other ICOs. Checkout all the details of ICOs that raised $136 millions in venture rounds in last week.
Vtos and Dimensions network to open their crowdsale this week. Stay ahead by getting to know Bountie and 2 other new ICOs opening their pre-sale this week. Sep 24, 2018 Vtos, Dimensions Network and Yumerium will be opening their ICO crowd sale this week. $36 million raised in private funding in last week alone. Visit Inwara’s ICO database to access all the information about ICO activity in this week.
The Blockchain industry raised $100+ million last week. Check out these upcoming ICOs this week. Sep 18, 2018 Blockchain industry has raised more $100 million in various rounds of private funding activities only in the last week. Get to know upcoming ICOs this week and dont miss out on an opportunity to be part of them.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Sep 10, 2018 ServAdvisor is on the verge of revolutionizing the way users consume services by bringing customer experience to a new level due to a combination of Augmented Reality (AR), Artificial Intelligence (AI) and customer incentivized review platform. ServCoins are utility tokens that will become the currency that enables retailers and service providers to utilize this powerful blockchain distributed platform to influence and reward consumers to make smarter choices.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Sep 3, 2018 Bitacium is bringing in sensational innovation to blockchain and media services, integrating business and social activities into one network to enhance lifestyles all over the world. Bitacium offers cross-border payment token worldwide and a distributed token profit exchange for token holders. XBCU acts as the broker currency that can be exchanged for Cash and other digital currencies instantly. The app interface gives users the ability to access, purchase, sell or store these currencies in any location and rewards the users for their transactions.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Aug 27, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Aug 20, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Aug 13, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Aug 6, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter July 30, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter July 22, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for the week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Jul 16, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for this week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~3,000 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter Jul 6, 2018 A snapshot of ICO data for this week from InWara’s database. Please contact for detailed information on more ICOs opening this week as well as ~2,500 additional ICOs.
InWara Weekly Newsletter June 24, 2018 After a quiet start to 2018, ICOs this week have continued the trend with only 8 crowd sales opening compared to the weekly average of ~23 ICOs during the first three weeks of Jun-2018. UK, USA, Singapore and Switzerland account for a large portion of ICO funds with more than 50% of the ICOs originating from these countries. Ethereum remains the platform of choice for more than 90% of the ICOs.
Australia’s Prime Minister Turnbull Directed DTA to Study Blockchain May 22, 2018 Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull directed the Digital Transformation Agency to investigate potential applications of blockchain technology across government. In senate estimates overnight DTA chief digital officer
Walmart Files Patent for Blockchain-Based Customer Marketplace May 21, 2018 Walmart has filed a patent for a blockchain-based marketplace for reselling purchased products, according to a US Patent and Trademark Office USPTO patent filing from May 17. The application describes
China's IT Ministry: 2017 Saw 'Exponential' Blockchain Growth May 21, 2018 Nearly 40 percent of all Chinese blockchain startups emerged in 2017 alone, according to a new white paper published by China's Ministry of Industry and Information Technology.
Former CEO of Visa UK is Joining a Cryptocurrency Startup May 19, 2018 The former CEO of Visa in the UK and Ireland has joined a new cryptocurrency startup that hopes to make spending crypto an everyday occurrence. Marc O’Brien, who led Visa UK & Ireland from 2008 and 2014,
Banks Will Trade Cryptocurrency Sooner Than People Think May 18, 2018 Former head of J.P. Morgan's blockchain arm is no longer on Wall Street. But the former insider says major banks like her former employer could get into the cryptocurrency business imminently.
Cryptocurrency Firms Explore Getting Bank Licenses May 18, 2018 Coinbase Inc. and another cryptocurrency firm talked to U.S. regulators about the possibility of obtaining banking licenses, a move that would allow the startups to broaden the types of products they offer.
Lightspeed is Plotting a New Crypto Investing Project May 17, 2018 Lightspeed Venture Partners is considering setting up a new cryptocurrency project that would be the first of its kind for a top-tier venture firm: An earmarked pool of cash within a bigger fund to be spent solely
Coinbase Targets ‘$10 Bln’ Institutional Investor Market With New Suite Of Products May 16, 2018 Major US crypto wallet provider and exchange service Coinbase has announced it is launching a suite of new products aimed at institutional investors, according to an official blog post today, May 15.
MUFG Bank to test own digital currency May 15, 2018 NHK has learned that the banking unit of Mitsubishi UFJ Financial Group plans to carry out a large-scale trial of its own digital currency. The bank plans to conduct the test of what they call MUFG Coin as early
FedEx's Smith Sees Blockchain as `Next Frontier' for Logistics May 14, 2018 Convinced that blockchain is on the brink of transforming the package-delivery business, FedEx Corp. is testing the technology to track large, higher-value cargo. “We’re quite confident that it has big, big implications
New York City Wants To ‘Lead The Way In Blockchain’ May 14, 2018 Kicking off CoinDesk’s annual flagship Consensus conference as the opening keynote, NYCEDC President and CEO James Patchett today announced plans to plant a flag in New York City’s growing blockchain industry.
German online bank uses Bitcoins to transfer loans May 12, 2018 German Radoslav Albrecht has founded an online bank that allows clients to transfer loans anywhere in the world using Bitcoin. Bitbond uses cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to bypass the Swift international
Every investor should buy crypto, says digital currency index founder May 10, 2018 "It's almost essential for every investor to have at least 1% to 2% of their portfolio" in crypto, Novogratz, the CEO and Founder of Galaxy Digital Capital Management, told Maggie Lake on "Markets Now" on Wednesday.
Wall Street Adopting Bitcoin Will Lead Crypto Market to Surge: Brian Kelly May 10, 2018 Brian Kelly, a prominent cryptocurrency trader, contributor to CNBC’s Fast Money, and founder of BKCM, stated on the May 9 Fast Money show that the adoption of bitcoin by Wall Street’s biggest
ThinkCoin Teams Up with 0Chain To Support High-Frequency Trading May 9, 2018 ThinkCoin, the native token of blockchain-based trading exchange ‎TradeConnect, ‎has partnered with California-based 0Chain to help scale ‎their platform’s ‎capabilities using 0chain’s decentralized
Bitcoin Sees Wall Street Warm to Trading Virtual Currency May 7, 2018 Some of the biggest names on Wall Street are warming up to Bitcoin, a virtual currency that for nearly a decade has been consigned to the unregulated fringes of the financial world.
Oracle Is Rolling Out Blockchain Products May 7, 2018 Oracle Corp. will unveil its blockchain software starting this month, joining the growing list of companies offering products that use the digital-ledger technology behind Bitcoin. The Redwood City,
Goldman Sachs to Begin Bitcoin Futures Trading Within Weeks May 3, 2018 The Times reported Wednesday that while the exact launch date of the new trading operation is not yet set, the move came after the bank's board of directors signed off on the initiative. Goldman is also set to
South Korean Lawmakers Introduce Bill To Legalize New ICOs May 3, 2018 A group of South Korean lawmakers is working on a bill to legalize the launch of new initial coin offerings (ICOs) and digital currencies, local news outlet The Korea Times reported
We Need to Respect This Generation’s Interest’ in Bitcoin: CFTC Chairman May 2, 2018 J. Christopher Giancarlo, chairman of the Commodity Futures Trading Commission (CFTC) said this week that cryptocurrency is a generational interest and that regulators need to treat it with respect.
European Commission To Fight Fake News With Power Of Blockchain May 2, 2018 The European Commission (EC) has recently named blockchain technology to be part of its framework to combat the spread of false information online, TechCrunch reports Monday, April 30.
Sony Eyes Blockchain Use for Digital Rights Data Apr 26, 2018 Japanese technology giant Sony is looking at using blockchain to store digital rights data. In an application published Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office, Sony explains that current digital rights
BBVA Registers $91 Million Loan on Public Ethereum Blockchain Apr 26, 2018 Spanish banking giant BBVA is laying claim to be the first global bank to issue a loan using blockchain technology by completing a pilot of the entire issuance process on not one, but two blockchains.
Nasdaq CEO Says Company ‘Open’ To Becoming Crypto Trading Platform When Market Matures Apr 25, 2018 The CEO of Nasdaq said that the stock market could become a platform for trading cryptocurrencies in the future, if the market becomes more regulated, CNBC’s Squawk Box reports Wednesday, April 25.
Tim Draper Says ‘It’s Bigger Than The Internet Apr 24, 2018 As the Bitcoin price continues to surge, trading at a 4.26% increase in the last 24 hours, the prominent investor and Bitcoin advocate, Tim Draper, says it’s ‘bigger than the internet.’ Venture capitalist Tim Draper
Amazon Reveals Blockchain Templates for Ethereum and Hyperledger Fabric Apr 24, 2018 AWS blockchain templates give AWS users working on blockchain projects a faster way to set up two versions of the technology, on the Ethereum blockchain or the Linux Foundation’s Hyperledger Fabric.
Goldman Sachs Hires First Cryptocurrency Trader in Its Markets Unit Apr 23, 2018 The Wall Street bank has hired Justin Schmidt, a former trader, as vice president and head of digital asset markets in Goldman’s securities division, according to a report from Tearsheet.
Softbank Wants to Cut Carbon Emissions with Green Energy Blockchain Apr 23, 2018 In bid to reduce carbon emissions, a group of Japanese technology and energy firms is launching a pilot project aimed to allow consumers in rural areas to trade renewable energy over a blockchain-based platform.
Major UAE Bank Implements Blockchain Tech To Prevent Check Fraud Apr 23, 2018 The National Bank of Dubai (NBD), one of the largest banking groups in the Middle East by assets volume, has reportedly become the first bank in the region to successfully implement Blockchain
Food Is The Next Frontier On The Blockchain Horizon Apr 23, 2018 Blockchain is now being applied to almost every industry out there, from energy to healthcare to streaming video. And many companies are now exploring its applications to one of our most important sectors
Cryptocurrency Market Will Get ‘Much Bigger’ Apr 22, 2018 Daniel Masters, who previously led JPMorgan’s global energy trading desk, says cryptocurrencies are fueling a financial revolution. Masters is now chairman of digital investment bank Coinshares and chief
Inflation at 8900% Turns Venezuelans to Bitcoin In Record Volumes Apr 20, 2018 The Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela is home to one of the worst hyperinflation crisis in the world ever. President Nicolas Maduro blames external factors and U.S. sabotage for the chaos Venezuelans live in.
Venture Captalists Pour $133 Million Into Stablecoin Startup Apr 20, 2018 ICOs and cryptocurrency startups have been slumping recently due to the bearish signs which were seen in the first quarter of 2018. However, Basis, a promising start-up, has broken that trend by
Mastercard - Denouncing Cryptocurrencies While Embracing Blockchain Apr 19, 2018 Blockchain technology has shaken up the financial world by providing a system for transactions that does not need a central authority, bank or third party payment system. This very reason has made many
Walmart Wants to Store Payment Data On a Blockchain Apr 19, 2018 Newly published patent filings from retail giant Walmart hint at a plan to store payments data using blockchain tech. The two applications - published on Thursday by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office
The Next Chapter Of Blockchain Is Market Consolidation Apr 19, 2018 The cryptocurrency market acts like TV stuck in fast forward. It mirrors traditional market booms and busts but with breakneck speeds that feel more like horse betting than stock trading. The fast pace makes trading fun
Silicon Valley VCs Ask US Regulators to Go Easy on ICO Regulations Apr 19, 2018 A duo of heavy-hitting Silicon Valley venture capital firms has asked US regulators to take an industry-friendly approach to initial coin offering (ICO) regulations. The Wall Street Journal reports that representatives
‘It’s a Very Good Time to Buy’ Bitcoin, Says Pantera Capital CEO Apr 19, 2018 Dan Morehead, CEO of San Francisco-based blockchain investment firm Pantera Capital, says the bottom is in for Bitcoin and the dark days of the bear market are likely in our rearview mirrors. Morehead
NASA Funds Development Of Autonomous Spacecraft That Uses Blockchain Apr 19, 2018 The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) has awarded a new grant that supports the development of an autonomous spacecraft that could make decisions using Blockchain technology
Bittwatt Launches Electricity Trading on the Blockchain with True Real Time Pricing Apr 18, 2018 Blockchain technology is not only for trading cryptocurrencies. Electricity can now be traded with the benefits of the decentralized, transparent and flexible platform. Electricity trading is a market with
Huawei Unveils Hyperledger-Powered Blockchain Service Platform Apr 18, 2018 Telecommunications and smartphone provider Huawei has become the latest tech giant in China to launch a blockchain-as-a-service (BaaS) platform. Announced at Huawei's analyst conference in Shenzhen
IMF’s Lagarde Calls for Open-Minded, Even-Handed Cryptocurrency Policies Apr 17, 2018 Cryptocurrencies are growing on IMF Chief Christine Lagarde. The bitcoin price is trading in the green again today and oddly enough may be getting some of its lift from some positive remarks from Lagarde, who is at the helm of the International
Report: Less Than 1% of Bitcoin Used for Illegal Purposes Apr 17, 2018 A report released by The Foundation for Defense of Democracies found that less than one percent of Bitcoin is used for illegal purposes. Law enforcement found six websites offering fentanyl and all of them listed Bitcoin as the preferred method
Pornhub Adds Crypto Payment Option With Verge Token Apr 17, 2018 Adult entertainment website Pornhub has announced that it will begin accepting the cryptocurrency verge as payment. The company detailed its move saying that it will take the token for its premium services as well as other available purchases.
SAMSUNG DELVES DEEPER INTO CRYPTO EXPLORING BLOCKCHAIN FOR ITS LOGISTICS Apr 16, 2018 Samsung Electronics Co. is the latest big name to show a keen interest in the powers of blockchain technology, specifically, how it can be incorporated into their supply chain management processes. According to Bloomberg Quint, the company’s
COINBASE ACQUIRES EARN.COM, HIRES SUPERSTAR CTO BALAJI SRINIVASAN Apr 16, 2018 In its continued effort to dominate the United States’ blockchain industry, popular cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase has officially acquired — a paid inbox service and popular social network which affords users the ability to
Experts Expect Bitcoin Price to Hit $250,000 by 2022, Here’s Why Apr 14, 2018 American venture capital investor Tim Draper, an early backer of Tesla, Skype, and SpaceX, is one of the most high-profile Bitcoin investors. With absolute confidence that bitcoin is the future currency, Draper announced that he predicts the bitcoin
Yahoo Japan is Buying 40% Stake in Cryptocurrency Exchange Apr 13, 2018 Yahoo Japan is set to buy a minority stake in Tokyo-based cryptocurrency exchange BitARG with services primed for launch later this year. In significant news out of Japan on Friday, a domestic subsidiary of Yahoo Japan will be acquiring 40% of
Islamic Scholar Says Bitcoin is Compliant With Sharia Law as Price Surges Apr 12, 2018 A recent declaration by an Islamic scholar that Bitcoin is compliant with Sharia law could be the cause behind today’s $1000 price surge, opening the market to Muslim investors who were previously unsure if the cryptocurrency qualified
IBM expanding cryptocurrencies' business applications Apr 12, 2018 IBM's new head of blockchain development, Jesse Lund, has revealed to CoinDesk that the $140 billion computer giant is expanding the business applications of cryptocurrencies in a number of ways and exploring how cryptocurrencies can
EUROPE BULLISH ON BLOCKCHAIN: 22 COUNTRIES SIGN INTERNATIONAL BLOCKCHAIN PARTNERSHIP Apr 11, 2018 On April 10, 22 countries in the European Union signed a Declaration on the Establishment of a European Blockchain Partnership. Aimed at cementing Europe as a world-leader in the development and launch of blockchain technologies
European Commission Urges EU To Play ‘Leading Role’ In Blockchain Dev Apr 11, 2018 European Commission (EC) Vice-President Andrus Ansip has recently called on Europe to become a world leader in digital innovation by embracing Blockchain technology, along
Rockefellers Go Long On Cryptocurrencies to Invest in Blockchain Startups Apr 10, 2018 The Rockefeller family’s venture-capital arm is moving into cryptocurrencies. Venrock (“Venture” plus “Rockefellers”) is partnering with the cryptocurrency investor group,
Deloitte Appoints New Head of Blockchain Services Apr 10, 2018 Linda Pawczuk, who formerly ran the company's insurance sector blockchain projects, will be stepping in as the new head of the Deloitte U.S. Financial Services Industry
$1.6 Billion Chinese Fund Launches in Support of Blockchain Startups Apr 9, 2018 The Xiong’An Global Blockchain Innovation Fund launched with $1.6 billion (10 billion yuan) to funnel into promising Chinese blockchain startups. The announcement took place
Chile Is Using Ethereum's Blockchain to Track Energy Data Apr 9, 2018 Chile will use ethereum's blockchain as a way to record energy sector statistics, its government announced Thursday. The National Energy Commission, which is a part of the country's
Singapore Looks To Foster Blockchain Throughout Southeast Asia Apr 9, 2018 Speaking as part of a meeting of ASEAN (Association of Southeast Asian Nations) member finance ministers April 6, Singapore's finance minister Heng Swee Keat continued an
Why George Soros is Investing in Bitcoin and Cryptocurrency Suddenly Apr 9, 2018 Few people were surprised when George Soros claimed Bitcoin is a bubble. In January of 2018, he described cryptocurrrency as a bubble and a misnomer. Moreover, Bitcoin
Top Business Schools Add Bitcoin Classes Apr 8, 2018 Kevin Werbach, a professor at the Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, will teach a class in the fall of 2018 called “Blockchain, Cryptocurrency, and Distributed
No, India Has Not Banned Bitcoin Trading, Government Confirms Apr 7, 2018 There are a lot of misconceptions regarding a recent decision by the Indian government. Various sources claim India has banned Bitcoin trading. That is not the case whatsoever.
SEC Quietly Puts Bitcoin ETF Proposals Back on the Table Apr 6, 2018 The US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has quietly begun considering two Bitcoin ETF proposals, public documents show. According to SEC documents dated March 23,
Australia Launches New Cryptocurrency Exchange Regulations Apr 3, 2018 According to fresh information now available on the website of the Australian Transaction Reports and Analysis Centre (AUSTRAC), ‘digital currency exchanges’ must now
JPMorgan’s Blockchain Lead Quits to Kickstart Her Own Startup Apr 3, 2018 Amber Baldet, a key executive of JPMorgan’s blockchain business, is stepping down for greener pastures. Baldet was the architect of JPMorgan’s blockchain strategy,
Menlo Ventures Leads $40 Million Series B in Bitcoin Firm BitPay Apr 2, 2018 One of Silicon Valley’s oldest venture capital firms is dipping its toe into the blockchain ecosystem with an investment in cryptocurrency payment processing startup BitPay.
Cryptocurrency Is Here to Stay - NVIDIA CEO Apr 2, 2018 Speaking with Mad Money host Jim Cramer, NVIDIA CEO Jensen Huang recently claimed that “cryptocurrency is here to stay,” and he “doesn’t see the craze ending anytime soon.”
Hotels to Accept Cryptocurrency During the World Cup Apr 2, 2018 Buying Business Travel Russia reported that Apartments Malina has teamed up with the online payment system, Free-Kassa, to allow users to purchase rooms with cryptocurrencies.
Twitter chief bullish on bitcoin Mar 30, 2018 Despite recent weakness in the value of bitcoin and concerns that it cannot currently process transactions fast or cheaply enough to act as a currency, Mr Dorsey, who is chief executive of both Twitter
FinLab and push EOS.IO architecture Mar 30, 2018 The German fintech incubator FinLab AG and, developer of the Blockchain software platform EOS.IO, announced a $100 mln joint venture to develop projects that use EOS’ software.
Blockchain capital launches its 4th fund Mar 30, 2018 lockchain Capital, the premier venture capital firm focused exclusively on the blockchain technology sector and crypto ecosystem, today announced the closing of Blockchain Capital IV, LP a $150 million fund.
Google’s own Blockchain and Whitelabel option Mar 29, 2018 Bloomberg is reporting that Google is planning to create its own blockchain and offer cloud and transactional services through it. The Alphabet Inc. unit is developing its own distributed digital
Upcoming Cryptocurrency games by The Merkle Mar 29, 2018 Merkle, rates the top 5 upcoming cryptocurrency games. Soccer Manager Crypto (SMC), is top of the list and is the next iteration of the Soccer Manager franchise, a popular simulation game
Malta attracts Binance, more companies to follow suit? Mar 28, 2018 Binance, the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, has relocated its headquarters to Malta. In addition to moving its resources, Binance has decided to employ more than 200 full-time employees
Petro falters in Venezuela Mar 28, 2018 Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro’s gamble on Cryptocurrency may have faltered with news sites reporting that the maximum the government could have raised would have been approx.

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