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About The Company

LALA World is an ecosystem for the unbanked, starting with the migrants and their families back home. The ecosystem revolves around financial inclusion. It is powered by an ERC-20 compliant cryptocurrency called LALA; The products include LALA Wallet, LALA Transfer, LALA Bill Pay, LALA Lends, LALA Card and LALA Kit.

Primary target users

Primary target users will include unbanked people such as migrants and their families.


LALA Wallet platform will offer peer to peer infrastructure and will perform banking operations such as small businesses and micro-entrepreneurs transactions, domestic and cross-border payments, borrowing money and associated products like insurances and cards;

An Ethereum and Hyperledger based domestic and cross-border financial system (LALA Transfer) Proof of Concept (PoC) as well as a peer to peer lending platform (LALA Lends) is currently under development for unbanked people.

Quick stats

Status: Concluded ICO

Token Name: LALA Token

Token Symbol: LALA

Company Address: 190, Clemenceau Avenue, 06-11, Singapore, 239924

Company Website:

Sector: E-Payments

Competitors: Cashaa; Wala; Humaniq; Everex; Zephyr

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